MENU CHART INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS Orientation from Dr. Kevin Millet on NEW Menu Charts w/expanded Body Points & Menu Dyanamics & 4 new charts, VIDEO LINK | PRODUCT LINK


The EMOTIONAL RELEASE book is a simple way of instructing your patients to handle negat..
Environmental – Miscellaneous (Vintage Vial Set) 24 Vials  ..
Medications - Individual (Vintage Vial Set)30 Individual Vials: ..
Medications - Individual 2011 (Vintage Vial Set) 76 Individual Vials: Aceta..
Medications - Individual 2015 (Vintage Vial Set)28 Individual Vials: Ac..
MICROORGANISMS - 2015 Vial Set (Vintage Vial Set)13 Indiv..
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