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Online Curriculum Free Previews

Online viewing only, no DVD provided. No certificate or verification of attendance provided for the free previews.

Must use an up-to-date web browser to view videos.

Following are the introduction section of each course. They range from 10 to 30 minutes and provide an overview to the entire course. The purpose of offering these free previews are to familiarize you with the content of the course so you may make an informed choice as whether to rent it or not. Unlike the actual course, each of the free previews are available to viewed an unlimited amount of times so you do not have to watch the entire preview in one sitting. You may return at your leisure to complete. We did this to enable you to compare different courses and their contents when looking to decide how best to move forward with your TBM training.

NOTE: You may add individual previews or choose the Complete Series into your cart and complete the checkout process.  One of our staff will make the video(s) available to you within 2 business days. Once they have done so you will find them in the Downloads & Videos section in My Account.


PB1: Energetic Protection & Projected Meditation (Mod 4 part 2)

PA1: Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset (pt1) & Autonomic Recovery (Mod 1 part 1)

PA2: Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset (pt2) & Nutritional Support (Mod 1 part 2)

SE1: Soft Tissue, Immune & Neurological: Myofascial pain, Allergies, Cognition, Menuing, & Additional Body Points (Mod 2 part 1)

AA:   Art of Adjusting Articulations: Reflexive, Mechanical, & Manual Adjusting of the Spine & Extremities

SE2: Energy & Emotion (Mod 2 part 2)

CE1: Core Emotions (part 1): Core Inquiry, Core Belief(s), Core Truth Anchoring (Mod 5 part 1)

CE2: Core Emotions (part 2): Situationals, Mission of Reform, Inner Parent/Child (Mod 5 part 2)

PC1: Pathologies & Specialized Physiology: Comprehensive Immune, Neurological & Cardiovascular (Mod 3 part 1)

PC2: Pathologies & Specialized Physiology: Comprehensive Detoxification, Endocrine & Advanced Techniques (Mod 3 part 2)

PB2: Backward Thinking & Advanced Healing (Mod 4 part 2)

SI:    Origin & Evolution of Subtle-Influence Medicine (Mod M: Mesmer)

MV:  Mastery of the TBM Harmonization and Program vials

Module AA: Art of Adjusting Articulations: Reflexive, Mechanical, & Manual Adjusting o..
Module MV: Mastery of the TBM Harmonization and Program vialsOur aim with Module V is simp..
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONPreview each of the 13 sections of TBM's Core Curriculum:PA: Part 1 (Mo..
Physiologic Reset and Autonomic Recovery ONE (PA1), formerly Module 1a, is the first cou..
In this course, you will learn nearly 100 contact reflex points to evaluate components of ..
Myofascial Pain, Allergies, Cognition, Menuing, Addl Body Points (SE1), formerly Module ..
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