Starter Kit - SE1&2 (Module 2)

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When purchasing The Module 2 Starter Kit, SAVE 10% ($63.10) off the cost of purchasing each item individually


Vial Sets:

All Vial Set

Cellular Immunity Vial Set

Environmental - Crop Protection Chemicals Vial Set

Fundamental Vial Set

Micro-organism – Morgellons


Leather Vial Case

LED Light


Vial Disclaimer Card


NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCLUDED.  Each vial contains municipal water only.  Vials have been radionically magnetized and are utilized in holistic evaluation of an individual’s energetic imbalances.  Therefore, they contain the vibrational equivalent of the named substance only.  No amount of any actual drug, pathogen, toxin or other substance contained.  Any questions please contact Total Body Modification (TBM), Inc. in the USA via email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 (435) 652-4340.