Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - PC2 [Comp. Detox, Endocrine, & Advanced Techniques] June 2020

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Start date: 2020-06-13
End date: 2020-06-14
Location: Home of Drs. Millet & Choy - Henderson, Nevada, USA 89052 - Exact address emailed upon registration

Module PC2 // Comprehensive Detoxi­cation, Endocrine, & Advanced Techniques: Pathologies & Specialized Physiology (part 2)

SEMINAR FLYER // 13-14 JUNE 2020 Saturday 9a-6p Sunday 9a-1p

You will receive training in TBM protocols and techniques to safely detoxify the body of toxic metals, medication residues, & environmental chemicals stored in adipose tissues; repair the physiologic damage from vaccinations; assist clients with cholecystic, hepatic & renal lithiases (stones); re-establish restorative sleep; support those who have been utilizing medications to manage diabetes; address lipomas; re-establish, energy balance and facilitate optimization of body composition.

You will also learn many advanced TBM techniques that can be utilized in a myriad of situations. These include Pathological Programmed Sequences, Resin, Rehydration, Slime, Degeneration/Regeneration, Dead, Levels, Targeting, Complexing, Symptom Hand Chart, & the Symptom/Zodiac Wheel.

While the protocols and techniques is not direct healing of pathologies, it is certainly indirect support that often facilitates such healing.

Join us and glean from the decades of experience Dr. Victor Frank, his mentors, and students have acquired in serving the seriously ill.

This module includes hands-on demonstrations by the instructor and student practice sessions and is required for PC certification.