Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - PB1 (Mod 4a) Energetic Protection & Projected Meditation July 2020

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Module PB1 // Energetic Protection & Projected Meditation

SEMINAR FLYER // 11-12 JULY 2020 Saturday 9a-6p Sunday 9a-1p

2020 Las Vegas Seminar Series FLYER 

Dr. Victor Frank was a lifelong student of meditation. He would use it for personal healing as well as the healing of others. He would spend time most days visiting his “Sacred Garden”, a place of refuge, cleansing, and insight. He would also frequently visit his “biocomputer” and use it to search for dysfunctions within his body and instruct it to “autocorrect” them.

Once asked by a student what was most important after “sugar and water” Dr. Frank replied, “Protection!” In this course we will introduce you to your personal Sacred Garden and teach you how to access and utilize your Biocomputer. We will also expand upon what Dr. Frank meant by Protection, giving multiple techniques to enhance energetic protection, but most of all the Core Essence/Protection procedure that Dr. Frank visualized during a meditation that is part of the daily care and maintenance of our energetic body. While it is vital for everyone, it is of particular importance for TBM practitioners who are often interacting with clients as they release low vibration energies during attunement sessions.

This course is one of the most important that we offer in TBM as is super-charges the intuitive capacities and prevents the undesirable health consequences that so often plaque subtle-influence medical practitioners.

This module includes extensive mediation training and is required for PB certification.

*Note: TBM is only taught to career health professionals and those actively studying to be career health professionals -AND- have a collage level background in human physiology and anatomy, (Anatomy 101 and/or Physiology 101 or equivalent)

*Reduced fees are applicable to the following individuals:

REFRESHERS - must be verified by the TBM office that the registrant has completed the identical seminar previously.

STUDENTS - must provide proof of enrollment as a full-time student in an accredited health care degree-granting institution.

FACULTY - must provide proof of employment at an accredited health care degree-granting institution.

1st YEAR - must provide a copy of diploma signifying graduation from an accredited health care degree-granting institution within 12 months of the beginning of the applicable seminar.

RESIDENT - must provide official notification from an accredited health care degree-granting institution that you are a full-time resident.