Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - ALIVE! TBM Homecoming & Innovative Symposium : October 2020

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Come increase the health and vitality of yourself and your patients! // SEMINAR FLYER

TBM Alive! is TBM’s annual homecoming, personal healing, and research 5-day event. Come and hear TBM’s brightest stars, get worked on by them and share your own innovations. TBM Alive! is an open forum where everyone gets to share how they are using TBM and what new techniques they have developed. There is plenty of time to work on one another, geting experienced TBM practitioners to help you get to the root of any unresolved health issues. Atracting practitioners from around the globe, TBM Alive!, is where you get to feel just how much TBM is a global family of practitioners working together to make the difference needed in the lives of those in need.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of TBM, able to achieve new heights as a healer, having experienced personal healing, made many new friends from around the globe, feeling recharged and revitalized to face the challenges of your practice and patients and feel the support of being part of a unifed global family.

We have a new requirement for all those who will be attending the Alive! conference...EVERYONE MUST PRESENT! It doesn't have to be much, it can be for as little as 5 min or as long as 20, but we are all there to give to one another. That is what keeps TBM alive, it's what keeps us alive and it will make for a much more dynamic and interesting experience than if only a portion of us present. So, come prepared to get a little out of your comfort zone! We recommend either getting us your presentation notes no later than Wednesday May 1st or bring 35 copies (3-hole punched, 2-sided, letter size) with you.

Take a bold step in support of yourself, your practice and humankind by registering for TBM Alive! today!

Register by Thursday 21 March to receive the early-bird discount

*Note: TBM is only taught to career health professionals and those actively studying to be career health professionals -AND- have a collage level background in human physiology and anatomy, (Anatomy 101 and/or Physiology 101 or equivalent)

*Reduced fees are applicable to the following individuals:

REFRESHERS - must be verified by the TBM office that the registrant has completed the identical seminar previously.

STUDENTS - must provide proof of enrollment as a full-time student in an accredited health care degree-granting institution.

FACULTY - must provide proof of employment at an accredited health care degree-granting institution.

1st YEAR - must provide a copy of diploma signifying graduation from an accredited health care degree-granting institution within 12 months of the beginning of the applicable seminar.

RESIDENT - must provide official notification from an accredited health care degree-granting institution that you are a full-time resident.