Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - PA1 [Physiological Reset (part 1) & Autonomic Recovery] January 2020

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Start date: 2020-01-11
End date: 2020-01-12
Location: Home of Drs. Millet & Choy - Henderson, Nevada, USA 89052 - Exact address emailed upon registration

Module PA1 // Foundations of Healing (part 1): Physiological Reset (part 1) & Autonomic Recovery

SEMINAR FLYER // 11-12 JANUARY 2020 Saturday 9a-6p Sunday 9a-1p

This course begins with training on how to evaluate clients using neurosensory (muscle response) testing. Anatomical landmarks are reviewed to enable locating TBM Body Points and their corrections. Dr. Victor L. Frank, taught, "We have learned there are only two things to go wrong with the physical body. If a patient walks through your door they are dehydrated and they have a sugar problem.” Dr. Frank also labeled costal torsion ‘the great mimicker,’ since so many health issues resolve once it is addressed.

You will learn TBM's procedures for correcting blood sugar irregularities, restoring hydration, and re-establishing proper costal alignment and movement. In addition you will learn TBM's Autonomic Recovery Program (ARP). The ARP works to ensure durability of these corrections, as well as corrections in the other TBM courses as well. We’ll finish with TBM‘s renowned closing sequence (Poison, Toxicity, Category IV) which not only makes permanent the work you’ve done, but eliminates the ‘healing crises’ so common in subtle-influence medicine recipients.

Applying the material you learn in this course will reset the overall tone of the autonomic nervous system, safely detoxify the body, re-establish healthy regulation of blood sugar, and train your patients/clients on how to listen to their bodies’ needs. You will also be much more prepared to better help patients/clients with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, organ-centered problems, fatigue, blood sugar issues, weight management, and addiction.

This module includes hands-on demonstrations by the instructor and student practice sessions and is required for PA certification.