Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - CE1 [Core Level Emotions] September 2020

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Start date: 2020-09-12
End date: 2020-09-13
Location: Home of Drs. Millet & Choy - Henderson, Nevada, USA 89052 - Exact address emailed upon registration

Module CE1 // Core Antidote (part 1): Core Inquiry, Core Belief(s), Core Truth Anchoring

SEMINAR FLYER // 12-13 SEPTEMBER 2020 Saturday 9a-6p Sunday 9a-1p

This course introduces our Core Antidote process and includes Core Inquiry, Core Belief, and Core Truth Anchoring. Situationals and Core Truth Coaching are taught in our "Advanced Emotional & Core Truth Coaching (CE2)" course.

The aim of the Core Antidote process is to eliminate all of the beliefs, practices, and circumstances that express an individual’s deepest fear (Core Falsehood) about themselves (e.g. evil, stupid, worthless) and, instead, achieve a state and life where those things all resonate with their brightest hope (Core Truth) (e.g. pure love, worthy, extraordinary). Our experience in TBM is that all illness, dysfunction, and disappointment come as a result of aligning with our Core Falsehood and that in order for comprehensive, lasting healing to occur a profound shift must occur. Being aligned to our Core Falsehood activates the sympathetic nervous system (freeze, fi­ght, & flight). When aligned to our Core Truth the parasympathetic system (repair, rest, & digest) is activated. Core Belief is the technique we use to realign an individual to their Core Truth. A person's Core Belief is the mechanism which either pushes one towards what is not wanted (e.g. illness, poverty, sadness, loneliness) or draws one to what is wanted (e.g. health, abundance, joy, companionship).

Come experience this inspirational and fun seminar, you may just have a life-changing breakthrough of your own!

This module includes hands-on demonstrations by the instructor and student practice sessions and is required for CE certification.