Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - CE2 [Comprehensive Emotional, Core Truth Coaching] October 2020

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Start date: 2020-10-10
End date: 2020-10-11
Location: Home of Drs. Millet & Choy - Henderson, Nevada, USA 89052 - Exact address emailed upon registration

Module CE2 // Core Antidote (part 2): Situationals, Mission of Reform, Inner Parent/Child

SEMINAR FLYER // 10-11 OCTOBER 2020 Saturday 9a-6p Sunday 9a-1p

In this course you will learn how to make it so your patient/client will no longer need to avoid people, environments, and/or situations due to emotional distress, but rather be able to function anywhere and with anyone at their very best. You will also learn TBM's life coaching program, empowering your patients/clients to navigate daily and long-term choices with clarity, and enjoy peaceful and productive relationships

Core Essence Coaching provides your patient in experiencing and realigning his/her life around his/her Core Truth. This technique and coaching system is a true “game-changer” and a must for all TBM providers who want to dramatically increase the ease with which wellness can be achieved and set their patients on a course of permanently maintaining that wellness.

A sampling of specific topics will include enjoying harmony between the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself, facilitating a nourishing and productive relationship between our inner child and inner parent, achieving a foundational, clarifying life epiphany, understanding and pursuing our primary life purpose, liberally and compassionately utilizing our voice, living in tandem with and drawing inspiration and personal power from the Universal mind, and neutralizing any distressing charges that linger from our past experiences.

Join us for this enlightening and empowering course!

This module includes hands-on demonstrations by the instructor and student practice sessions and is required for CE certification.