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MV Mastery of Vials Online Training Course FREE PREVIEW

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Module MV: Mastery of the TBM Harmonization and Program vials

Our aim with Module V is simple – complete MASTERY OF THE TBM VIALS! In our 2nd and 3rd modules we introduced you to them, all one-thousand and eighty (1080) of them. It’s time to get past introductions and really get to know them. Not just how to use them, but how to use them MASTERFULLY.

Our vials are amongst the most powerful, transformational and healing tools that have ever been available, but not if you only know them superficially. To really capitalize on them takes some effort, some study, some background and, of course, the BIG PICTURE of WHAT THE VIALS ARE ALL ABOUT. 

Our team of researchers have made this SIMPLE and DIRECT for you in this course. Come prepared to take your ability to Backward Think, to transform the trajectory of your patient’s and client’s lives and health, and to truly love what you do to an ENTIRELY NEW LEVEL. Join us for a POWERFUL SEMINAR that has not only been in the making for 17 years (Dr. Millet), but at least 40 (Dr. Frank), probably 114 (Dr. Abrams) and maybe even 235 (Dr. Mesmer)! 

Here are some additional details on what you’ll be learning: how the vials were originally conceived, what they truly represent, the history behind the vials, how they are made, how to make vials yourself (both Harmonization and Program formats), which TBM vials you need, how to use them as Filters, advanced Program and Harmonization methods, how to effectively Menu to a vial, diverse ways of using a vial, proper care for the vials, ways to contribute to the TBM library of vials, what to do if you don’t have a vial you need, and how to order a custom TBM vial. 

You’ll not only get to view the century-old machines, including Dr. Frank’s original 1938 “vial charger,” the vials are made on, but you’ll witness and participate in workshopping with the vials including making them. Your registration includes the experience of creating, with our equipment, a Harmonization or a Program vial of your design. 

We’ll also make available a companion resource that describes the basics behind utilizing EVERY SINGLE VIAL in the TBM library, including both techniques and physiologically- useful background information.