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PB1: Energetic Protection & Projected Meditation (Mod 4 part 2)

PA1: Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset (pt1) & Autonomic Recovery (Mod 1 part 1)

PA2: Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset (pt2) & Nutritional Support (Mod 1 part 2)

SE1: Soft Tissue, Immune & Neurological: Myofascial pain, Allergies, Cognition, Menuing, & Additional Body Points (Mod 2 part 1)

AA:   Art of Adjusting Articulations: Reflexive, Mechanical, & Manual Adjusting of the Spine & Extremities

SE2: Energy & Emotion (Mod 2 part 2)

CE1: Core Emotions (part 1): Core Inquiry, Core Belief(s), Core Truth Anchoring (Mod 5 part 1)

CE2: Core Emotions (part 2): Situationals, Mission of Reform, Inner Parent/Child (Mod 5 part 2)

PC1: Pathologies & Specialized Physiology: Comprehensive Immune, Neurological & Cardiovascular (Mod 3 part 1)

PC2: Pathologies & Specialized Physiology: Comprehensive Detoxification, Endocrine & Advanced Techniques (Mod 3 part 2)

PB2: Backward Thinking & Advanced Healing (Mod 4 part 2)

SI:    Origin & Evolution of Subtle-Influence Medicine (Mod M: Mesmer)

MV:  Mastery of the TBM Harmonization and Program vials

PROFOUND ORIGINS INTENSIVE: TBM'S lineage of Western subtle-influence medicin..
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONCore Inquiry, Core Belief, Core Truth Anchoring (CE1), formerly Module ..
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONSituationals, Mission of Reform, Inner Parent/Child (CE2), formerly Mod..
TBM Healing at a Distance - Surrogate & Non-Surrogate Remote AttunementsPRODUCT DESCRI..
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONOur aim with Module V is simple – complete MASTERY OF THE TBM VIALS! In..
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