Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Module D: September 2019

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Start date: 2019-09-07
End date: 2019-09-08
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Master Series: TBM, Diagnostic Testing and Advanced Backward Thinking

Presented by: Dr. Kevin S. Millet

Dr. Kevin S. Millet has been integrating energy medicine with diagnostic testing since 1995, has received over 500 hours of post-graduate education on the topic of diagnosis and is board-eligible for internal disorders. While in active practice he drew extensively from imaging studies (radiography, MRI, ultrasound), body tissue analyses (blood, urine, saliva, stool, hair, gastric fluid), electro-diagnostic testing (heart-rate variability, sleep studies, sEMG) and physical examinations to get a clear picture, up front, as to what he was going to be “up against” with any particular patient. He would systematically repeat the initial tests to ensure that objective values were also normalizing along with symptoms.

We invite you to come draw from Dr. Millet’s extensive experience utilizing TBM with dysautomomic and metabolic syndromes, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune, digestive, neurologic, and structural disorders. Come and gain a clear understanding of how gracefully energy medicine and diagnostic testing can co-exist.

This seminar is for any TBM provider who wishes to better understand diagnostic testing, human physiology and TBM itself. Come to improve your own health, those you care about and for your patients. Each participant will be given an opportunity to have Dr. Millet review their own diagnostic tests and one additional case. He does ask that the tests have been conducted within the prior 12 months, the more recent the better, and that the detailed complete report, which includes test value norms, be included.

Reference material Dr. Millet uses. How to determine whether a particular test is clinically valuable. How to clinically interpret a diagnostic test in the light of “functional physiology.”