Bangkok, Thailand - Module 5: January 2019

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Start date: 2019-01-21
End date: 2019-01-22
Location: TBD


Learn the Ultimate Breakthrough for Your Patients!

Core Antidote (CA) enables us to access our patients Core Belief (CB).  CB is the mechanism which either pushes us towards what we don’t want (eg illness, poverty, sadness, loneliness) or draws us to what we do want (eg health, abundance, joy, companionship).  CA technique is designed to reset the CB in the positive.  We start by discovering, through a series of prescribed Menuing, what our patient’s Core Falsehood (CF) is.  The CF is what your patient is afraid is true about themselves on a deep level (eg evil, stupid, worthless).  This CF is their chronic fear activator, stimulating the sympathetic (fight, flight, freeze) nervous system and driving physiology and behavior that promotes stress and chronic illness.  Next, we discover their Core Truth (CT), or the very highest hope they have about themselves (eg pure love, worthy, rock star).  This CT is their chronic love activator, stimulating the parasympathetic (rest, digest, heal) nervous system and promoting physiology and behavior that increases resilience and life balance.  We then test to see which the CB is programmed to.  If it is their CF, then we realign their CB to their CT.  CT Coaching is then provided to support them in experiencing and realigning their life around their CT.  This technique and coaching system is a true game-changer and a must for all TBM providers who want to dramatically increase the ease at which wellness can be achieved and set their patients on a course of permanently maintaining it.  Come experience this inspirational and fun seminar and you may just have a breakthrough of your own!

NOTE: Webinar participants must have a webcam, an internet browser, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or above (free download) and internet connection.  Be aware that the audio and video quality is sufficient to allow understanding of the material and participation in the seminar, but is not DVD-level quality.