Bangkok, Thailand - Module 4: January 2019

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Start date: 2019-01-19
End date: 2019-01-20
Location: TBD


Protection & "Backward Thinking:"  Take Your Gifts of Healing to a Whole New Level!

Module 4, which includes Advance Healing Seminar, is for those TBM practitioners who want more than just a new technique.  It is for those who want to fully embrace their highest potential as a healer!  Developed by Dr. Victor Frank, this seminar contains specific guided visualizations that enable you to enter into your own bio-computer and activate it to heal your own body; provide protection from the negative energies that surround us; access your inner sanctuary of peace, cleansing and inspiration; activate your “medical” intuition and allow you to “menu” with more quickly and accurately with your patients.  You will also be taught the skill of “backward thinking.” This skill will enable you to start with a symptom and move into the body to find out what physiology has gone awry and what corrections need to be made to answer the body’s cry for help.

This life-changing seminar is arguably the most valuable seminar in the TBM system.  This is the next step after Modules 1, 2 and 3.  Make the choice to join us for this magical weekend and experience the full beauty and power of TBM!

NOTE: Webinar participants must have a webcam, an internet browser, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or above (free download) and internet connection.  Be aware that the audio and video quality is sufficient to allow understanding of the material and participation in the seminar, but is not DVD-level quality.