Bangkok, Thailand - Module M: January 2019

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Start date: 2019-01-23
End date: 2019-01-24
Location: TBD


Learn the Philosophies & Techniques of the Original Alternative Healing Masters!

1766 marked the birth year of what we now call Alternative Healing.  A medical student by the name of Franz Anton Mesmer wrote and defended his thesis to obtain his medical degree in Vienna, Austria on the dramatic impact that subtle energies can have on patients.  He later developed a complete theory on health and disease and refined techniques for working with these subtle energies to promote healing.  He established a school in 1783, first in Paris, then throughout much of Europe, where often the elite of both society and medicine became his students.  In spite of vehement opposition from the medical establishment, his system of healing flourished throughout Europe long after his death in 1815.  Many were inspired by his work to develop their own systems of healing, including Samuel Hahnemann (founder of Homeopathy), and James Braid (founder of Hypnotherapy).  It spread to the Unites States in the last half of the 19th century and enlisted the likes of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (founder of New Thought), Andrew Taylor Still (founder of Osteopathy), Daniel David Palmer (founder of Chiropractic) and Albert Abrams (founder of Spondylotherapy and Radionics).  In this seminar we’ll present the ideas, research and techniques of Mesmer, D’Eslon, Puysegur, Delouze, Poyen, Lee, Teste, Esdaile, Eschenmayer, Myers and others. Join us for an inspiring and captivating journey into the roots of alternative healing.  You’ll never see yourself, your patients or what you do as a healer the same again!

NOTE: Webinar participants must have a webcam, an internet browser, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or above (free download) and internet connection.  Be aware that the audio and video quality is sufficient to allow understanding of the material and participation in the seminar, but is not DVD-level quality.