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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - PathoPhysiology Intensive June 2022

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PATHOPHYSIOLOGY INTENSIVE: Comprehensive Detoxification, Endocrine, & Adv. Techniques


PB1: Energetic Protection & Projected Meditation (Mod 4 part 2)
PA1: Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset (pt1) & Autonomic Recovery (Mod 1 part 1)
PA2: Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset (pt2) & Nutritional Support (Mod 1 part 2)
SE1: Soft Tissue, Immune & Neurological: Myofascial pain, Allergies, Cognition, Menuing, & Additional Body Points (Mod 2 part 1)
AA: Art of Adjusting Articulations: Reflexive, Mechanical, & Manual Adjusting of the Spine & Extremities


Pathophysiology is ‘the abnormal physiological process associated with disease or injury.’ It can occur in healthy or diseased tissue. As a subtle-influence medicine system of healing, TBM doesn’t deal with diseased tissue. It doesn’t even deal directly with pathophysiology. Instead, TBM directs its healing efforts towards the dysfunctional processes beneath the disease. We call these biodissonant patterns. Every disease, chronic and acute, has its origin, or perpetuating factor, in a biodissonant pattern. This means that every disease also has a correction at that level. TBM corrections act on these biodissonant patterns. This may or may not have an indirect influence on the actual disease process. But, it always improves well-being and better enables the client to function in their life.



In TBM we neither diagnose nor treat disease. As a result, practitioners of TBM do not need a license (MD, DC, ND, etc.) to practice. We recognize that certain circumstances warrant the treatment of disease. In these cases, referral to a licensed practitioner is appropriate. But, we find that the need to refer is less than expected. Experience shows us that tending to the biodissonant patterns generally has the desired outcomes.



Dr. Victor Frank often said, “Anything can cause anything and anything can cure anything.” This understanding reveals the need for a new approach to healthcare. Dr. Frank developed a method to navigate from symptoms and signs to ‘cause’ and ‘cure.’ He called the process Backward Thinking. Backward Thinking is used to detect which biodissonant patterns relate to a specific symptom or sign. Backward Thinking has similarities to the process of differential diagnosis. Both processes examine symptoms and signs. Both processes consider the physiology that relates to the clinical picture. At this point the similarity ends. The goal of differential diagnosis is to diagnose a disease. In turn, the diagnosis indicates the intervention. Essentially, one diagnosis equals one intervention. In contrast, Backward Thinking aims to first locate the biodissonance. Next the process detects the TBM techniques that will neutralize the biodissonance. The correction releases the pathophysiologic processes and the symptom or sign often resolves. Backward Thinking allows for the idea that anything can cause or cure anything to be applied effectively and efficiently.



Backward Thinking is a significant process in the development of a TBM practitioner. Those who learn this process take an important step toward mastery of TBM. Practitioners who Backward Think are able to quickly and efficiently address the needs of their clients. In fact,the resolution of 5 to 10 signs and symptoms is one 15 minute session becomes possible.



In the Pathophysiological intensive we teach how to recognize and correct biodissonances. We teach techniques for clients who have developed chronic, severe, disabling, or life-threatening pathophysiologic processes. Furthermore, we teach how to do all of this safely, quickly, and effectively.

Here are some of the contents of the Pathophysiological intensive:
• Backward Thinking and advanced Menuing
• Pathophysiological processes including:
• Viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections
• Degenerative conditions (e.g. lupus, multiple
sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue)
• Immunologic breakdown (e.g. cancer, AIDS)
• Neurodegeneration (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s)
• Cardiovascular degenerative issues (e.g. erectile dysfunction,
cardiac insufficiency, cardiac rhythmic abnormalities)
• Toxic metals, medications, & environmental chemicals
• Adverse vaccine sequelae
• Cholecystic, hepatic & renal lithiases (stones)
• Non-restorative sleep
• Medication-dependent diabetes
• Fat-mass reduction toxicity

NOTES: This course contains information found in the PC (Module 3), MV (Module V), and PB (Module 4) Course Notes and 40th Anniversary Manuals. This course counts as a single-qualifying attendance towards PC and a partial attendance towards BP certification.

SEMINARS HOURS First Day: 12:00 - 18:00 / Middle Days: 09:00 - 18:00 / Last Day: 09:00 - 13:00

TBM Headquarters (home of Dr. Millet) in Las Vegas, Nevada // Address emailed upon registration

Based on our observations over the years, we found that doctors/providers who take all the courses in a relatively short time-period are more successful in implementing TBM into their practice as they are better able to understand how TBM works as a complete system of healing. For that, and other reasons, we have chosen to bring back the TBM Intensives that Dr. Victor Frank used to offer.

These Intensives provide a unique opportunity to learn from someone who learned TBM under the tutelage of Dr. Frank. Dr. Millet have been overseeing the development of TBM for the past 11 years and will bring a wealth of insight that exceeds the standardly presented curriculum. These intensives will provide a great embellishment to the pre-recorded seminars.

The course may be registered for as an entire series at a savings of $2000 or they may be selected individually.

There are not prerequisites needed for any of these courses, however students who do not already possess a basic college level understanding of anatomy and physiology are recommended to contact us for guidance on self-study courses that will quickly impart the knowledge needed to study TBM.

If you have any questions or require assistance with registration please phone us at +1 (435) 652-4340 or email us at [email protected]