Brian Spackman

Raised in a family that believed in regular chiropractic care, supplementation and low sugar, from the age of five Brian Spackman has had an excellent knowledge base for natural methods of health. In his early childhood, he was profoundly influenced by chiropractic care.  At the age of 10, Brian would help others by giving a shoulder rub to work out the tension and general aches and pains that he intuitively noticed.  Following that intuition throughout his young life, Brian chose to attend Myotherapy College of Utah at the age of 21 to become a massage therapist in 1997. Brian specialized in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Deep tissue, Touch for Health and Shiatsu. With this education under his belt, Brian chose to work at different resort towns throughout the US including; Park City Utah, Big Sky Montana, Key West Florida, and Scottsdale Arizona to name a few. These adventures gave him experience and understanding that have been a priceless expansion of his skill development.

After nine years of experience, Brian found that he wanted to help people on deeper and more profound emotional levels. This desire led him back to Myotherapy College of Utah in 2006 to audit a large portion of the program. Immersed back into the academics of massage, he met an amazing person who introduced him into the circle of the Rise Leadership group, an experiential life coaching workshop organization. Within this organization by 2008 Brian completed his Life Coaching Certification and expanded on his dreams. Through this organization Brian met Dr. Kevin Millet in 2007. 

In early 2008, Dr. Millet contracted Brian to be the massage therapist for his practice and began mentoring him to become the principle TBM practitioner in his office. Dr. Millet learned TBM directly from Dr. Victor Frank and requested that Brian take all of the TBM seminars from him. Under Kevin’s mentorship, Brian worked for five years helping many clients gain vibrant health. This gave Brian the unique opportunity to learn and be molded into a strong and intuitive TBM practitioner by the best. 

In 2010 Brian completed the instructor certification and training course. Then, in following the path and encouragement from Dr. Millet and Dr. Frank before he passed, and his desires to help others since childhood, he is currently working to become a Chiropractor. In 2015, he was accepted into Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg South Carolina, to fulfill that dream.

In all of these endeavors, TBM has created the most profound leaps of his understanding of the human mind, body and emotions. For Brian, the art of TBM brings a true understanding of the science of the body and philosophy that the body can truly heal itself.  Within the structure of TBM, Brian Spackman is dedicated to helping the world, the community and the individual into a healthier and happier life.