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Metabolic Syndrome: What is it?

Metabolic syndrome, the product of hyper-sedentary living and over-consumption of calories, has become the hallmark of our times the world over. It is a constellation of consequences, none of which do you want occurring in your body! Things like depression, obesity, lack of sexual performance, chronic pain, insomnia, accelerated aging, poor memory, and increased […]

From Disabled to Thriving

As the owner of TBM, I want to share the story of how I went from being a disabled pre-teen to following a health and wellness, healing path. This is also an excerpt from my upcoming book: Listening to the Body and Remembering the Future: Seizing the Power of Conscious and Unconscious Appraisal to […]

Interpreting Medical Studies

Being able to read and comprehend medical studies is a very important skill that all people should learn. In a time where advanced medical knowledge is easily accessible, being able to read studies directly, rather than just popular press summaries, will enable make you make more informed decisions and achieve greater medical autonomy and […]

Fight for Relationships

Relationships take work. All too often leading advice tags resolvable issues as a reason for the breakup of a relationship or even a family. The result is a pandemic of loneliness and the neurotic tendencies that it spawns. We deserve better, those who depend on us deserve better; it’s time to learn how to […]

The Path to Contributing

Nothing happens until it does. We are not until we are. In the interim, we do our best, make efforts, make mistakes, learn, grow, and somehow we make a difference. We make a unique difference that only our life could bring about. You’re not…until you are. Period. Not what, exactly? Insert anything. You are […]

Hydrate or Die Drying

Water is central to everything the body needs and does and critical for healing. Most people could stop using medicines if they drank enough water. TBM water recommendation is 2/3 an ounce per pound of body weight during healing and 1/2 an ounce thereafter. It takes 1 – 3 months to fully hydrate. Look […]

Billionaire Mindset

There is a distinct difference between the billionaire and millionaire mindset. This difference has nothing to do with how much money is in the bank. Ultimately, fostering the billionaire mindset means leaving materialism and putting others first in priority. In contrast, the millionaire mindset is materialistic and often has a focus on maintaining status. […]

Constructive Dependence

We are, by nature, social and relational beings. We are equipped to feel empathy, understand one another’s perspectives, and act for the benefit of all involved. Yet current social trends have led to atomization and solipsism and a plethora of neuroses. Nevertheless, a fulfilling life both includes and benefits others. Truly living not only […]

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