Bill Donaldson

Growing up in the natural beauty of New Zealand in a household using natural remedies and holistic healing techniques has led to a life long journey of exploring the dynamics of the mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Donaldson graduated from the International College of Chiropractic, ( now RMIT University, School of Chiropractic ) Melbourne, Australia in 1981. He lived in Australia for the next 12 years, learning from, and working with many of the most prominent master practitioners and teachers of that time.

An opportunity to live and work in Dublin, Ireland opened doorways to different cultures and healing techniques and he travelled extensively throughout Europe attending numerous seminars and visiting diverse and exceptional natural healing clinics.

In 2001 he was privileged to meet Dr. Victor Frank and was introduced to the advanced healing techniques in the TBM Modules. So started the next chapter of the journey, as TBM embodied all that had gone before and embraced the new paradigm of a completely holistic natural healthcare system.

Dr. Donaldson returned to Auckland, New Zealand in 2004 and set up Real Health Clinics with his wife Sue, a progressive counsellor and natural therapies practitioner. Real Health is an integrated holistic healthcare business based on advanced spiritual philosophies, and the principles and practice of TBM. He is a certified TBM Instructor, teaching and mentoring Health Professionals in New Zealand and Australia, maintains a busy clinical practice and keeps it all together with a great outdoor lifestyle, staying physically active with surfing and mountain biking and practicing Kriya Yoga and Pure Meditation.