Billionaire Mindset

SUMMARY: There is a distinct difference between the billionaire and millionaire mindset. This difference has nothing to do with how much money is in the bank. Ultimately, fostering the billionaire mindset means leaving materialism and putting others first in priority. In contrast, the millionaire mindset is materialistic and often has a focus on maintaining status. Billionaires create opportunities for others as part of their contribution to this world.

The billionaire and millionaire mindsets occur outside of how much money is in a bank account. Poor and middle-class people often exhibit billionaire mindsets. On the other hand, there are millionaires with food stamp mentalities. Let’s talk about the differences between the two. Then, we can look at how everyone can adopt a billionaire mindset.

The Billionaire Explained

Imagine building a huge factory. This is a materialistic accomplishment on the surface. However, the building exists for a purpose.

The purpose of the building is that people come to work and gain self-worth working on an assembly line. Their work is meaningful because they produce a high-quality product that is sold. What’s more, the goal of the product is life enhancement for the consumers. Building the building is a means to the ultimate end of making life better for the employees and the consumers.

The billionaire demeanor is focused on making life better for others. And this focus releases them from materialistic limitations. The end result and goal is not money, but the creation of opportunity. This goal encompasses the billionaire mindset. Again, that looks like pulling people out of their current circumstances by creating opportunities for them.

If billionaires didn’t care about people, or if they cared how much money they had, the weight of caring about money would crush them. They wouldn’t be able to take risks on new endeavors because the idea of losing the money would consume them. Instead, there is a healthy respect for wealth and an understanding of the utility value of wealth. So, money, in and of itself, doesn’t have power.

The Different Mindsets

The millionaire, like the food stamp frame of mind, is materialistic. The billionaire, and working person, mind is not. Ultimately, materialism creates a weight that must be carried through life. The weight can look like “keeping up with the Joneses,'” taking on debt to impress peers, imagining that people are judging whether you are a “have” or a “have-not.” Materialism is entrenched in this hamster wheel. The working person and billionaire don’t care about perception. Nor do they care about impressing others. They care about who is benefiting from their decisions.

The billionaire and employee separate themselves in leaps and bounds from the millionaire mindset. The billionaire and worker are striving for family, for a greater goal outside of themselves, outside of materialism. It is not possible to achieve greatness unless one relinquishes materialism. Raising a family well is greatness. Accomplishing great transformation in the world or culture is greatness. Food stamp recipients and millionaires don’t do that. They are focused on keeping their status.

Reaching the Billionaire Mindset

Again, the billionaire perspective wants to leave life better for others. However, the millionaire mindset desires for self alone.

Most important, the TBM lifestyle creates a billionaire mindset. But if we’re being honest, only billionaire mindsets would seek out a care plan and practitioner that says there’s more to life than this. Finally, it’s time to benefit all of society with your unique contribution to this world.

To learn more about that, stay tuned for books by Kevin S. Millet.

Kevin Millet

Kevin Millet

Dr. Millet received his doctor of chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College-Los Angeles in 1989. While a student there he worked for a brief period of time in Dr. Frank's chiropractic office in Tujunga, California. Dr. Millet began studying TBM in earnest in 2001 and had the good fortune of once again calling the same city, Salt Lake City, Utah, home as Dr. Frank. They got together nearly every week and Dr. Frank became a personal mentor to him as he was learning the ropes. Dr. Millet has been a TBM instructor since 2003 and the owner of TBM since 2009.

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