Board of Directors

Kevin S. Millet, DC
Dr. Millet received his doctor of chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College-Los Angeles in 1989. While a student there he worked for a brief period of time in Dr. Frank’s chiropractic office in Tujunga, California. Dr. Millet began studying TBM in earnest in 2001 and had the good fortune of once again calling the same city, Salt Lake City, Utah, home as Dr. Frank. They got together nearly every week and Dr. Frank became a personal mentor to him as he was learning the ropes. Dr. Millet has been a TBM instructor since 2003 and the owner of TBM since 2009. He continues to serve as the chairman of the TBM’s board of directors and is excited to introduce you to the new board members.

Chris Paliszewski, LMT
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

Chris graduated from Bastyr University with his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in March 2021.  In 2018, he founded Octavian Natural Health during naturopathic medical school, where he practices TBM under his massage license.  Chris also served as the primary graphic designer for the redesigned 40th Anniversary Edition TBM Body Points poster.

His primary goals for TBM include modernizing TBM’s web presence, expanding online course offerings, and streamlining shipping operations.

Kira Krick, NMD is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2019. Balance Doctor is her private practice where she does mostly distance healing with her clients. She coaches her clients in a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset choices while supporting them with subtle influence energetic healing techniques including Total Body Modification, Neuro Emotional Technique, Quantum Neurology, Applied Kinesiology, and Biotherapeutic Drainage techniques.

She has been working for TBM on and off since 2013 in different capacities and she is ecstatic to be taking on a bigger role as a member of the board. Kira became interested in natural healing methods when a chiro/acupuncturist was able to help her avoid gall bladder surgery. She is also does a myriad of activities including acrobatics, circus arts, rock climbing, slacklining, snow sports, orgonite artwork, and playing with her dogs.

Matt Peahl, DC, MS, DICAK
Dr. Peahl received his BS in BioMedicine from University of Western Michigan. He went on to receive his Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States and his Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice from National University of Health Sciences. He is also a Diplomate with the International Board of Applied Kinesiology and Fellow with the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

In addition to being in private practice since 2009, he is particularly proud of having served on the medical staff of the Chicago Blackhawk’s for their Stanley Cup winning season of 2010 as well as the 2011 season. Dr. Peahl is presently an adjunct professor of anatomy and physiology at College of DuPage. His greatest pride is in supporting his three children particularly in the area of athletics which includes: waterski show skiing, ice hockey, soccer, and alpine skiing.

Alicia Allen-Ashby attended the University of Colorado, Boulder and earned an engineering degree in Applied Math and a Masters in Engineering Management.  She spent over 15 years in a career in Aerospace In 2018, she moved to Idaho and chose to be a stay at home mom for her three step kids, opening up an opportunity to explore other career options.

Alicia became a TBM client in June 2019 and was drawn to the beauty and simplicity of the healing system.  She went all-in Jan 2020 attending all TBM core curriculum seminars in quick succession.  She has been a part of the video editing team for the TBM online courses.

Alicia started practicing TBM in late 2020 and is looking forward to building a successful practice where she gets to  “engineer” the human body. She is currently working towards the Master the Art of Healing Certification. Now that Alicia lives in Idaho, she is learning to garden! Her goal is to grow a whole year’s worth of produce for her family, starting with tomatoes and green beans. She also thoroughly enjoys hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, softball, and all sorts of outdoor fun.

Sandra Fico D.C. Dr. Fico is a graduate of NYCC/Northeast College of Health Sciences. Her undergraduate degree is in the field of health/exercise physiology. Dr. Fico has been in practice in Coral Springs, Florida with her husband, Dr. Andrew Charni since 1986, and has been a TBM practitioner since 1988. In 1995, Dr. Frank certified her as one of the original TBM instructors. When Dr. Frank became unexpectedly ill shortly after, he selected Dr. Fico to become the first TBM instructor to independently teach and instruct his already scheduled seminars.

After Dr. Frank’s recovery, Dr. Fico Continued to teach around the globe. Dr. Fico was known for her sequential yet entertaining style of presentation. Frequently, she would “team teach” with Dr. Frank. It was a dynamic combination, as their methods of presentation complemented one another.

In her spare time, Dr. Fico enjoys the Florida outdoor lifestyle, and is an advocate of health and exercise. She is also employed by the Archdiocese of Miami as a Principal Cantor, and is a frequent Mezzo Soprano soloist at various concerts in the South Florida and also NY/ tristate area.

Renae Rogers N.D. L.Ac. C.M.T. Dr. Rogers graduated with highest honors from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon, where she completed the dual-degree ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) and MAc (Master of Acupuncture) degrees. She graduated with honors from the renowned Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT). She also received her Wilderness EMT (WEMT) training, which proved a natural evolution of her love of the outdoors, her interest in health and service, and her experience as an outdoor guide. It also marked the beginning of what has become over a decade of focused medical study and training.

Dr. Rogers has since trained in a host of health and wellness disciplines, including: naturopathic medicine, east Asian medicine (including acupuncture and herbal medicine), massage and bodywork, botanical medicine, homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Qigong, Taiji, other martial arts, energy medicine, wilderness medicine and Total Body Modification. Her experience with the Total Body Modification approach to life has allowed Dr. Rogers to continue to recover and (re)build her own.