PASS 3 – 40th Anniversary Curriculum of Total Body Modification

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PA1 – Module 1 Part A: Physiologic Reset and Autonomic Recovery Part 1

Module PA1: Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset (pt1) & Autonomic Recovery This course begins with training on how to evaluate clients using neurosensory (muscle response) testing. Anatomical landmarks are reviewed to enable locating TBM Body Points and their corrections. Dr. Victor L. Frank, taught, “We have learned there are only two things to go wrong with the physical body. If a patient walks through your door they are dehydrated and they have a sugar problem.” Dr. Frank also labeled costal torsion ‘the great mimicker,’ since so many health issues resolve once it is addressed. You will learn TBM’s procedures for correcting blood sugar irregularities, restoring hydration, and re-establishing proper costal alignment and movement. In addition you will learn TBM’s Autonomic Recovery Program (ARP). The ARP works to ensure durability of these corrections, as well as corrections in the other TBM courses as well. We’ll finish with TBM‘s renowned closing sequence (Poison, Toxicity, Category IV) which not only makes permanent the work you’ve done, but eliminates the ‘healing crises’ so common in subtle-influence medicine recipients. Applying the material you learn in this course will reset the overall tone of the autonomic nervous system, safely detoxify the body, re-establish healthy regulation of blood sugar, and train your patients/clients on how to listen to their bodies’ needs. You will also be much more prepared to better help patients/clients with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, organ-centered problems, fatigue, blood sugar issues, weight management, and addiction.


Introduction to TBM with Dr. Kevin Millet (P3_PA1_00) Welcome and Introduction (P3_PA1_01) 02 The Basics (P3_PA1_02) 03 Phases of Healing (P3_PA1_03) 04 Energy Efficiency (P3_PA1_04) 05 Hydrational Efficiency (P3_PA1_05) 06 Costal Torsion Complex (P3_PA1_06) 07 Autonomic Recovery Program (P3_PA1_07) Drills (P3_PA1_08)

PA2 – Module 1 Part B: Physiologic Reset & Autonomic Part 2

In this course, you will learn nearly 100 contact reflex points to evaluate components of the nervous, cardiovascular, genitourinary, endocrine, digestive, and immune systems.  We call these contact reflex points “Body Points”.  Each TBM Body Point has a tailored soft-tissue correction that restores proper operation of the associated bio-program and leads to improved function when applied following a positive Body Point test — often within seconds! Some of these Body Points are for nutrients and make up part of our “Need & Use” evaluation. Learn how to use neurosensory testing to evaluate for nutritional deficits and determine the precise dietary changes and enhancements that bring replenishment and improved function. As a result of attending this course, you will be better prepared to address patients/clients who struggle with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, organ-centered problems, fatigue, blood sugar issues, weight management, addiction, and those in need of general health maintenance.


Welcome & Supine (P3_PA2_01) Prone (P3_PA2_02) Upright – part one (P3_PA2_03) Upright – part two (P3_PA2_04) Need & Use – part one (P3_PA2_05) Need & Use – part two (P3_PA2_06) Basic Physiological Exam Drills (P3_PA2_07)

SE1 – Module 2 Part A: Myofascial Pain, Allergies, Cognition, Menuing & Add'l Body Points

Module SE1: Myofascial pain, Allergies, Cognition, Menuing, & Additional Body Points In this course you will learn subtle corrections for mechanical lower back, sacroiliac, and other pain syndromes. We will also teach you TBM’s renowned & revolutionary Harmonization sequence used with clients who suffer with allergies, infections, & toxicities. You will learn over 50 additional Body Points & our Learning Enhancement techniques. We will also show you how to combine Body Points to address deeper &/or more complex situations, including eliminating joint pain, improving nutrient utilization, and breaking the cycle of multi-organ dysfunction. Dr. Victor Frank said, “Menuing is the most important tool we have in TBM.” We teach you the fundamentals of our unique Menuing process which dramatically reduces the time it takes to determine what your client needs and how to most efficiently fill those needs.


Welcome & Structural Exam (P3_SE1_01) Allergy Exam (P3_SE1_02) Learning Exam (P3_SE1_03) Immunological Exam (P3_SE1_04) Additional Body Points (P3_SE1_05) Additional Topics (P3_SE1_06) Additional Topics 2 (P3_SE1_07)

SE2 – Module 2 Part B: Soft Tissue, Immune, & Neurological: Myofascial pain, Allergies,Cognition, Menuing, & Additional Body Points

Module SE2: Energy & Emotion Dr. Victor Frank taught, “The Body weeps the tears the eyes refused to shed.” In 1979 he introduced six touched-based methods of neutralizing acute & chronic emotional scars. He called it “Emotional Erase” and it was offered as a means to unload emotional baggage that was showing up as physical problems and barriers to a successful life. His student, Dr. Wayne Hirsbrunner, expanded upon the original Emotional Erases, adding 196 more, along with 30 Emotional Programmed Sequences. We will teach you how to use all of them. We will also teach you how to use the dozens of emotional and energy vials developed by Dr. Brian Bateman and other students of Dr. Frank. In all you will learn over 300 different kinesiologically-based emotional techniques. Dr. Frank also developed a means to re-establish the Body’s ability to draw energy from the earth, we refer to these as the “Energy Circuits.” In addition to learning them you will learn methods to draw energy from the atmosphere, re-establishing a sound electromagnetic field around the body. The techniques you will learn in this course will better enable you to assist your clients who suffer from psycho-somatic ailments, emotional distress, & chronic fatigue


Welcome & Basic Emotional Exam (P3_SE2_01) Basic Energetical Exam (P3_SE2_02) Basic Exams Drills (P3_SE2_03) Menuing (P3_SE2_04) Energy Topics (P3_SE2_05) Non-Vial-Based Techniques (P3_SE2_06) Vial-Based Techniques – part one (P3_SE2_07) Vial-Based Techniques – part one (P3_SE2_08)

PC1 – Module 3 Part A: Pathologies & SpecializedPhysiology Part 1: Comprehensive Immune,Neurological, & Cardiovascular

Module PC1: Pathologies & Specialized Physiology: Comprehensive Immune, Neurological & Cardiovascular You will receive training in TBM protocols and techniques to help clients and patients who suffer with viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections; degenerative conditions like lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue; immunologic breakdown as seen in cancer and AIDS; neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s; suffering from cataracts; cardiovascular degenerative issues like erectile dysfunction, cardiac insufficiency and cardiac rhythmic abnormalities like brady & tachycardia. You will also learn many additional Body Points as well as advanced techniques like Brain XYZ and Eyes-in-Distortion. Join us and glean from the decades of experience Dr. Victor Frank, his mentors, and students have acquired in serving the seriously ill. 


Welcome & Introduction (P3_PC1_01) Programs (P3_PC1_01) Infections DOID Vaccinations (P3_PC1_01) Bacterial Infections (P3_PC1_01) Parasitic Infections (P3_PC1_01) YFM Viral Influenza (P3_PC1_01) Autoimmune (P3_PC1_01) Neurologic (P3_PC1_01) Cranial Nerves Cobalamin (P3_PC1_01)

PC2 – Module 3 Part B: Pathologies & SpecializedPhysiology Part 2: ComprehensiveDetoxication, Endocrine, & Advanced

Module PC2: Pathologies & Specialized Physiology: Comprehensive Detoxification, Endocrine & Advanced Techniques You will receive training in TBM protocols and techniques to safely detoxify the body of toxic metals, medication residues, & environmental chemicals stored in adipose tissues; repair the physiologic damage from vaccinations; assist clients with cholecystic, hepatic & renal lithiases (stones); re-establish restorative sleep; support those who have been utilizing medications to manage diabetes; address lipomas; re-establish, energy balance and facilitate optimization of body composition. You will also learn many advanced TBM techniques that can be utilized in a myriad of situations. These include Pathological Programmed Sequences, Resin, Rehydration, Slime, Degeneration/Regeneration, Dead, Levels, Targeting, Complexing, Symptom Hand Chart, & the Symptom/Zodiac Wheel. While the protocols and techniques is not direct healing of pathologies, it is certainly indirect support that often facilitates such healing. Join us and glean from the decades of experience Dr. Victor Frank, his mentors, and students have acquired in serving the seriously ill. 


Intro & Gall Bladder (P3_PC2_01) Neoplasm, Silver-Lead, & Hormones (P3_PC2_02) Metal Homeostasis (P3_PC2_03) Medications (P3_PC2_04) Additional Techniques (P3_PC2_05) Cardiovascular Conditions (P3_PC2_06) Restorative Sleep (P3_PC2_07) Diabetes (P3_PC2_08) Body Composition Optimization (P3_PC2_09) Appendix & Closing (P3_PC2_10)

PB1 – Module 4 Part A: Energetic Protection& Projected Meditation

Module PB1: Energetic Protection & Projected Meditation Dr. Victor Frank was a lifelong student of meditation. He would use it for personal healing as well as the healing of others. He would spend time most days visiting his “Sacred Garden,” a place of refuge, cleansing, and insight. He would also frequently visit his “biocomputer” and use it to search for dysfunctions within his body and instruct it to “autocorrect” them. Once asked by a student what was most important after “sugar and water” Dr. Frank replied, “Protection!” In this course we will introduce you to your personal Sacred Garden and teach you how to access and utilize your Biocomputer. We will also expand upon what Dr. Frank meant by Protection, giving multiple techniques to enhance energetic protection, but most of all the Core Essence/Protection procedure that Dr. Frank visualized during a meditation that is part of the daily care and maintenance of our energetic body. While it is vital for everyone, it is of particular importance for TBM practitioners who are often interacting with clients as they release low vibration energies during attunement sessions. This course is one of the most important that we offer in TBM as it super-charges the intuitive capacities and prevents the undesirable health consequences that so often plague subtle-influence medical practitioners. This module includes extensive mediation training.


Intro & Level of Vibration (P3_PB1_01) Core Essence Protection (P3_PB1_02) Additional Protection (P3_PB1_03) Biocomputer (P3_PB1_04) Dr. Frank & Nourish Retreat (P3_PB1_05) Sacred Garden (P3_PB1_06) Facilitating & Closing (P3_PB1_07)

PB2 – Module 4 Part B: Backward Thinking & Advanced Healing

Module PB2: Backward Thinking ™ & Advanced Healing Intuition and intellect are not contradictory. Dr. Victor Frank found that if he would first indulge his Educated mind the gates of the Innate mind would often swing wide open. He developed Backward Thinking™, a process to take advantage of and gratify the logical mind. “Get your logical mind out of the way and listen,“ he would say. “Let Innate guide your hands.” In this course you will learn this systematic process and catapult your capacity as a subtle-influence medicine practitioner. The “Advanced Healing” portion of this course is where we put the entire TBM process all together, not only for you to learn, absorb, and internalize, but also for you to receive personal healing. Come to this course with the TBM Basics in place so you may be ready to receive insights and solutions to remaining health &/or life issues that the Basics may not have been resolved. You will learn by both observing the efficiency and clarity of the TBM process on others and then being the recipient yourself. You will leave this course being much more capable of rapidly identifying exactly what is needing to be addressed by you with your clients and what the most direct path to lastingly resolve those issues. You are likely to experience greater health and a heightened capacity for “listening.” This course can not only be practice-changing, but also life-changing and is arguably one of the most valuable seminars in the TBM system. Make the choice to join us for this transformative course and experience the full beauty and power of TBM!


Introduction (P3_PB2_01) Symptoms (P3_PB2_02) Backward Thinking Process (P3_PB2_03) Getting Results (P3_PB2_04) More Demonstrations (P3_PB2_05) Menu Charts (P3_PB2_06) Additional Topics (P3_PB2_07)

CE1 – Module 5 Part A: Core Antidote Part 1: Core Inquiry, Core Belief(s) & Core Truth Anchoring

Module CE1: Core Emotions (part 1): Core Inquiry, Core Belief(s), Core Truth Anchoring This course introduces our Core Antidote process and includes Core Inquiry, Core Belief, and Core Truth Anchoring. Situationals and Core Truth Coaching are taught in our “Advanced Emotional & Core Truth Coaching (CE2)” course. The aim of the Core Antidote process is to eliminate all of the beliefs, practices, and circumstances that express an individual’s deepest fear (Core Falsehood) about themselves (e.g. evil, stupid, worthless) and, instead, achieve a state and life where those things all resonate with their brightest hope (Core Truth) (e.g. pure love, worthy, extraordinary). Our experience in TBM is that all illness, dysfunction, and disappointment come as a result of aligning with our Core Falsehood and that in order for comprehensive, lasting healing to occur a profound shift must occur. Being aligned to our Core Falsehood activates the sympathetic nervous system (freeze, fight, & flight). When aligned to our Core Truth the parasympathetic system (repair, rest, & digest) is activated. Core Belief is the technique we use to realign an individual to their Core Truth. A person’s Core Belief is the mechanism which either pushes one towards what is not wanted (e.g. illness, poverty, sadness, loneliness) or draws one to what is wanted (e.g. health, abundance, joy, companionship). Come experience this inspirational and fun seminar, you may just have a life-changing breakthrough of your own!


Introduction (P3_CE1_01) Outcome Measures (P3_CE1_02) Core Antidote (P3_CE1_03) Core Inquiry (P3_CE1_04) Anchoring & Reset (P3_CE1_05) Inner Child & Parent (P3_CE1_06) Benchmarks & Closing (P3_CE1_07)

CE2 – Module 5 Part B: Core Antidote Part 2: Situationals, Mission of Reform & Inner Parent & Child

Module CE2: Core Emotions (part 2): Situationals, Mission of Reform, Inner Parent/Child In this course you will learn how to make it so your patient/client will no longer need to avoid people, environments, and/or situations due to emotional distress, but rather be able to function anywhere and with anyone at their very best. You will also learn TBM’s life coaching program, empowering your patients/clients to navigate daily and long term choices with clarity, and enjoy peaceful and productive relationships. Core Essence Coaching provides your patient in experiencing and realigning his/her life around his/her Core Truth. This technique and coaching system is a true “game-changer” and a must for all TBM providers who want to dramatically increase the ease with which wellness can be achieved and set their patients on a course of permanently maintaining that wellness. A sampling of specific topics will include enjoying harmony between the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself, facilitating a nourishing and productive relationship between our inner child and inner parent, achieving a foundational, clarifying life epiphany, understanding and pursuing our primary life purpose, liberally and compassionately utilizing our voice, living in tandem with and drawing inspiration and personal power from the Universal mind, and neutralizing any distressing charges that linger from our past experiences. 


Introduction (P3_CE2_01) Emotional States 1 (P3_CE2_02) Emotional States 2 (P3_CE2_03) Emotional States 3 (P3_CE2_04) Situationals (P3_CE2_05) Core Truth Coaching 1 (P3_CE2_06) Core Truth Coaching 2 (P3_CE2_07) Core Truth Coaching 3 (P3_CE2_08) Category IV & Closing (P3_CE2_09)

AA – Module A: Art of Adjusting Articulations

Module AA: Art of Adjusting Articulations: Reflexive, Mechanical, & Manual Adjusting of the Spine & Extremities This course is a classic adjusting seminar. Whether you are an expert adjustor or just out of school you will increase your ability to find and adjust subluxations with confidence. We begin with a discussion of the foundation of adjusting itself, contrasting it with general manipulation, and concepts like global vs. segmental subluxations. We then quickly move on to multiple adjustive techniques that draw from the work of many of chiropractic’s early masters. These adjustive techniques will include: condlye lift, basic plane, level one, anterior atlas, inferior & posterior occiput, TBM sugar, temporomandibular joint, rib & spinal torque, sciatica, side-posture pelvis, prone lumbars, lumbar facets, rib heads, sacral base posterior (hamstring & piriformis), sacral spin, carpal tunnel, spinal discs, bicipital tendon, humeral head, clavicle, posterior bula, lateral tibia, dancers foot, anterior femur head, basic energetic synchronization, cervical & pelvic instrument pattern, category IV – XV pelvic and shoulder blocking. Join us and take your sense of touch, feel, and thrust to a higher, more confident and effective level! This course is limited to those licensed, or in school, for adjusting, includes hands-on demonstrations by the instructor and student practice sessions.


Welcome (P3_AA_01) Megan Demo (P3_AA_01) Shoulders of Giants (P3_AA_03) Kira Demo (P3_AA_04) Alicia Demo (P3_AA_05) Supine 1 (P3_AA_06) Supine 2 (P3_AA_07) Supine 3 (P3_AA_08) Supine 4 (P3_AA_09) Prone 1 (P3_AA_10) Prone 2 (P3_AA_11) Upright & Closing (P3_AA_12)

SI – Module M: Origin & Evolution of SubtleInfluence Medicine

Module SI: Origin & Evolution of Subtle-Influence Medicine The Methods of the Originating Post-Enlightenment Healing Masters 1783 was the inaugural year of subtle-influence medicine. The refined techniques of Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer were being disseminated in Paris via the Society of Universal Harmony. Mesmer’s Enlightenment era system of healing first flourished throughout Europe and the UK, then made its way across the Atlantic to North America, where countless innovators expanded upon and further refined his original concepts of neurological supremacy, the power of subtle influences, and the importance of touch. In this course we present Mesmer’s original techniques and a long list of the developments that led right up to the founding of TBM in 1978. Join us for this inspiring and captivating journey into the roots of subtle-influence medicine. You’ll never see yourself, your patients or what you do as a healer the same again. You’ll be better equipped to fulfill the graduating mandate of the Society of Universal Harmony – Allez, touchez, guérissez! (Go, Touch, Heal!).


Introduction (P3_SI_01) Origins of Western Subtle Influence Medicine (P3_SI_02) Timeline (P3_SI_03) Foundational Concepts of Subtle Influence Medicine (P3_SI_04) Developments 1 (P3_SI_05) Develpments 2 (P3_SI_06) Magnetic Healing (P3_SI_07) Artificial Somnambulism (P3_SI_08) Demonstrations (P3_SI_09) Other Techniques (P3_SI_10) Dianetic Reverie (P3_SI_11) Techniques & Closing (P3_SI_12)

MV – Module MV: Making & Mastering EnergeticVials

Module MV: Mastery of the TBM Harmonization and Program vialsOur aim with Module V is simple – complete MASTERY OF THE TBM VIALS! In our 2nd and 3rd modules we introduced you to them, all one-thousand and eighty (1080) of them. It’s time to get past introductions and really get to know them. Not just how to use them, but how to use them MASTERFULLY.Our vials are amongst the most powerful, transformational and healing tools that have ever been available, but not if you only know them superficially. To really capitalize on them takes some effort, some study, some background and, of course, the BIG PICTURE of WHAT THE VIALS ARE ALL ABOUT. Our team of researchers have made this SIMPLE and DIRECT for you in this course. Come prepared to take your ability to Backward Think, to transform the trajectory of your patient’s and client’s lives and health, and to truly love what you do to an ENTIRELY NEW LEVEL. Join us for a POWERFUL SEMINAR that has not only been in the making for 17 years (Dr. Millet), but at least 40 (Dr. Frank), probably 114 (Dr. Abrams) and maybe even 235 (Dr. Mesmer)! Here are some additional details on what you’ll be learning: how the vials were originally conceived, what they truly represent, the history behind the vials, how they are made, how to make vials yourself (both Harmonization and Program formats), which TBM vials you need, how to use them as Filters, advanced Program and Harmonization methods, how to effectively Menu to a vial, diverse ways of using a vial, proper care for the vials, ways to contribute to the TBM library of vials, what to do if you don’t have a vial you need, and how to order a custom TBM vial. You’ll not only get to view the century-old machines, including Dr. Frank’s original 1938 “vial charger,” the vials are made on, but you’ll witness and participate in workshopping with the vials including making them. Your registration includes the experience of creating, with our equipment, a Harmonization or a Program vial of your design. We’ll also make available a companion resource that describes the basics behind utilizing EVERY SINGLE VIAL in the TBM library, including both techniques and physiologically- useful background information.


Introduction (P3_MV_01) Vial Production (P3_MV_02) Using Vials 1 (P3_MV_03) Using Vials 2 (P3_MV_04) ALL vials, Autoimmune & Cellular Immunity (P3_MV_05) Emotional Vials (P3_MV_06) Environmental 1 (P3_MV_07) Environmental 2 (P3_MV_08) Environmental 3 (P3_MV_09) Alive 2018, Flying Protection, & Fundamental (P3_MV_10) Food & Beverage 1 (P3_MV_11) Food & Beverage 2 (P3_MV_12) Food & Beverage 3 (P3_MV_13) Food & Beverage 4 (P3_MV_14) Food & Beverage 5 (P3_MV_15) Medication 1 (P3_MV_16) Medication 2 (P3_MV_17) Medication 3 (P3_MV_18) Microorganism 1 (P3_MV_19) Microorganism 2 (P3_MV_20) Microorganism 3 (P3_MV_21) Chemical Messengers (P3_MV_22) Pathological & Closing (P3_MV_23) Alive! 2020 (P3_MV_24) Alive! 2021 – Miscellaneous (P3_MV_25)

NU – Module NU: Advanced Need & Use

This course is an expansion of Need & Use (NU) built upon the foundation established from NU presented in the Basic Physiological Exam. Our instructor reviews the additional NU items found on the 40th Anniversary Menu Charts. Additionally, our instructor discusses the nutritionals found in his own practice.


Introduction (P3_NU_01) Need & Use (P3_NU_02) Need & Use Screening (P3_NU_03) Menu Charts – part one (P3_NU_04) Menu Charts – part two (P3_NU_05) Medicinary – part one (P3_NU_06) Medicinary – part two (P3_NU_07) Medicinary – part three (P3_NU_08) Medicinary – part four (P3_NU_09)

HO – Module HO: Surrogate & Surrogateless (Holographic) Distance Healing

Distance healing has been part of our healing lineage since it’s inception in the late 18th century. It has been part of TBM from early on. Victor used to call it “power adjusting.” Performing remote TBM on someone using a live assistant is quite simple and only a few rules need to be followed. Some TBM practitioners work exclusively over-the-phone without an assistant acting as a surrogate. We call this holographic TBM(holoTBM). In this course we will teach you how to effectively and consistently provide TBM on those who are unable to come to you. We will cover all particulars from theory to practice. There are multiple demonstrations in the course to allow you to see remote TBM in action.This course will enable you to expand your practice to those outside of your proximal community and be more resilent in the face of any future shut-downs that may occur. The course consists of seven segments each ranging from 35 to 58 minutes for a total run time of just over 5 hours. You will not only be learning remote healing but will also be observing Dr. Millet work with real clients and how he approaches TBM attunements. This course promises to be one of the most important any TBM practitioner could ever take as it will expand each viewers ability to provide TBM when it would have been previously impossible. Not only bringing


Introduction (P3_HO_01) Power Adjusting (P3_HO_02) Benchmarks & Steps Toward Holographic TBM (P3_HO_03) Demonstrations – Surrogate (P3_HO_04) Demonstrations – Holographic (P3_HO_05) Workshop & Specifics (P3_HO_06) Methods & Closing (P3_HO_07)

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