MT0 – Modules of TBM Course

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Presentation of TBM’s Most Popular Curriculum From The 1990s-Era Presented By Dr Victor L. Frank.

Modules of TBM Manual

The Dynamics of T.B.M. Workbook below is one of the earliest produced in TBM, at some time in the early 1980s, and contains the material presented at TBM courses at that time. It is the manual that most closely follows the Dynamics of TBM video course below. We have broken it into three sections for you: 1) TBM Philosophy – Specific Adjustments for Glands and Organs (pages 1-10, 28-41), 2) Postural Analysis – Cardiac Low Backs – Prone – Categories (pages 11-23, 42-44), 3) Training Regimen for Sugar Control – Allergies – Emotional Erases – Energy – Different Types of Flu – Hand Trigger Point Chart (pages 23-27, 45-49) There are quizzes at the end of each section. 100% correct answers must be achieved before moving on to the next segment. Quizzes may be taken multiple times.


Lesson 1 – Introduction to TBM Awareness – Specific Adjustments for Glands and Organs (PASS2_01)
GL-0014 Additional Body Points, Categories, Timed Problems, & Low Back (PASS2_02) GL-0015 Allergies, DOID, & More (PASS2_03) GL-0016 (PASS2_04) GL-0017 (PASS2_05) GL-0018 (PASS2_06) GL-0012 Art of Chiropractic (PASS2_07)

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