Dr. William Donaldson

Will has been a Chiropractor, TBM Practitioner and Holistic Healthcare Educator for over 40 years and a Certified TBM Instructor for over 15 years. He has always been interested in holistic health and wellbeing, having grown up in the natural beauty of New Zealand where he was introduced to many different alternative therapies by his mother, who encouraged him to become a healer, and to explore the many and varied dynamics of mind, body and spirit, and the relationship to health and wellbeing. This has become a lifelong interest and evolution.

He studied at the International College of Chiropractic/PIT (now RMIT University, School of Chiropractic) graduating in 1981 (B.App.Sc.(CHIRO.), and lived in Australia for the next 12 years, learning from, and working with many of the most prominent master practitioners and teachers of that time.

Living and travelling extensively throughout Europe for several years, opened doorways to different cultures and healing modalities and in 2001 he was introduced to TBM in France by Dr. Victor Frank. This profoundly influenced his interest in more advanced healing techniques and so began the journey of discovering and learning the benefits of TBM as a holistic healthcare model. He has successfully assimilated TBM into many thriving clinics and has facilitated and coached the application of TBM to his many associates and hundreds of professionals that have attended live and on-line TBM Seminars in Australia and New Zealand.

Will is now residing back in Australia and is looking forward to further promoting, teaching, coaching and mentoring TBM in Australia and New Zealand to Chiropractors, Wellness Practitioners and Healers.