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Dear Practitioners,

The Coronavirus2019 Kit contains both the Biological______________, our primary go to when someone is experiencing flu-like symptoms, and SARS Mix Pre-2003, 2003, 2019, & Mutants, which is our coronavirus mix vial and includes 2019 strains. The kit also includes a pair of Isolation Bands. You will need to select a size during checkout. They come in Small, Medium, and Large. Please visit the product page, by clicking here for product dimensions if you'd like more information to determine which size you'd prefer.

If you want to order multiple kits that will be distributed to other practitioners, take a look at Large Quantity CV2019 Kit. The shipping and handling fees have been geared to higher quantities and may be less expensive for you.

For training on TBM Coronavirus procedures see TBM's Coronavirus Youtube Channel and the TBM's Comprehensive Coronavirus Procedure document in the Free Resources section of this website. Please note that the Simple Procedure was developed for those of you who do not have any formal TBM training and we anticipate will work very well overall, especially for cases caught early. If a client is not responding well we recommend you reach out to one of the practitioners in our Find a Practitioner section or on one of our many Total Body Modification facebook pages (USA, Canada, France, Europe, Australasia, Thailand).

Below you will see the standard text that accompanies our TBM vial listings. The Biological__________ vial is part of the Micoorganism - Morgellons set and SARS Mix Pre-2003, 2003 & Mutants the Microorganism - Influenza Mutations set. There is also a Microorganism - Influenza set that may interest some of you. All three sets are linked to on this page. While these two vials are currently being offered complimentary (shipping and handling fee applies), standard retail is $21 for each when purchased individually and $7 each ( a 66% savings) when purchased as part of a set.

Thank you for the work you do with those who are in need and we aim to provide crucial support each of you as we all navigate the current COVID-19 "pandemic" together.



SAVE 66% - Purchase this vial as part of the vial set shown in RELATED PRODUCTS (to the left if viewing on a PC, bottom is mobile device). Also in RELATED PRODUCTS is our exhaustive TBM vial reference book - Module V Manual: 40th Anniversary Edition. A must-have for every TBM practitioner

    • Each vial is a 1mL glass ampoule containing approximately .25mL of municipal water.
    • Each vial has been charged, via a vintage radionic device attuned by Drs. Victor L. Frank and Kevin S. Millet, to express the vibrational equivalent of the named substance(s) and/or concept(s) and to contain healing vibrational patterns unique to TBM.
    • They are solely for use in subtle-influence healing sessions conducted by those trained in Total Body Modification in the evaluation and addressing of a client’s dysharmonies.
    • Opening and/or replicating the vial neutralizes the radionic charge, rendering the vial useless in TBM sessions.
    • No amount of any actual drug, pathogen, toxin or other named substance(s) are contained within the ampoule.
    • This product has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
    • This product is not suitable for, nor to be used in, the diagnosis and/or treatment of any disease.
    • Any questions please contact Total Body Modification, Inc. via email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 (435) 652-4340.