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(L-Methionine, glandular and herbs) Verufakt, a food supplement for dietary purposes only, was created for vegetarians who do not normally receive this amino acid ingredient in their diet. A well balanced diet includes the building blocks of amino acids to maintain optimum health. The herbal ingredients enhance the other uses for assimilation and internal cleansing. Contains methionine, ox bile powder, black radish, duodenal substance in a base for each tablet.

VERUFAKT, a lipotropic nutrient food supplement for dietary purposes only.

An amino acid and herb liver cleanser.

Helps to produce bile in order to detoxify. 

Great food supplement for vegetarians

Aids in a sugar controlled diet


Certified Free of:  Yeast, starch, sugar, salt, artificial color or flavors

Each tablet contains:


Ox bile powder

Black radish

Duodenal substance


In a base containing:

Magnesium sterate

Stearic acid

Guar Gum


Serving Size 1 Tablet

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Tablet % Daily Value

DL-METHIONINE                  226.0mg            *

DUODENAL SUBSTANCE    64.80mg            *

OX BILE                                     64.80mg            *

RAPHANUS SATIVUS (Black Radish Root)  32.40mg            *

Daily value not established