Metabolic Syndrome: What is it?

SUMMARY: Metabolic syndrome, the product of hyper-sedentary living and over-consumption of calories, has become the hallmark of our times the world over. It is a constellation of consequences, none of which do you want occurring in your body! Things like depression, obesity, lack of sexual performance, chronic pain, insomnia, accelerated aging, poor memory, and increased […]

From Disabled to Thriving

SUMMARY: As the owner of TBM, I want to share the story of how I went from being a disabled pre-teen to following a health and wellness, healing path. This is also an excerpt from my upcoming book: Listening to the Body and Remembering the Future: Seizing the Power of Conscious and Unconscious Appraisal to […]

Hydrate or Die Drying

SUMMARY: Water is central to everything the body needs and does and critical for healing. Most people could stop using medicines if they drank enough water. TBM water recommendation is 2/3 an ounce per pound of body weight during healing and 1/2 an ounce thereafter. It takes 1 – 3 months to fully hydrate. Look […]

What is Eustress?

Summary: When forging a healed life, it is important to plan for eustress. Humans need to build resilience to gain the benefits that eustress offers. After defining eustress, look at the various ways it translates to reality, and learn how to build resilience by leveraging eustress to your advantage. Can you imagine a symptom-free life? […]

The Language of the Body

SUMMARY: The body speaks through symptoms. The symptoms need to be addressed, instead of masked through the scar, burn, poison (biomedical model). Considering the way we treat our bodies analogous to handling a baby, it is clear there must be an alternative to biomedical measures. TBM practitioners offer a new way to listen to the […]

Weird Coffee Question

In TBM we have a peculiar, to those not attuned to our insights on human physiology, list of super-foods. Victor started us off with beef and raw cashews. I added things like liver, red wine, hot peppers, and more