From Disabled to Thriving

SUMMARY: As the owner of TBM, I want to share the story of how I went from being a disabled pre-teen to following a health and wellness, healing path. This is also an excerpt from my upcoming book: Listening to the Body and Remembering the Future: Seizing the Power of Conscious and Unconscious Appraisal to […]

Interpreting Medical Studies

SUMMARY: Being able to read and comprehend medical studies is a very important skill that all people should learn. In a time where advanced medical knowledge is easily accessible, being able to read studies directly, rather than just popular press summaries, will enable make you make more informed decisions and achieve greater medical autonomy and […]

The Language of the Body

SUMMARY: The body speaks through symptoms. The symptoms need to be addressed, instead of masked through the scar, burn, poison (biomedical model). Considering the way we treat our bodies analogous to handling a baby, it is clear there must be an alternative to biomedical measures. TBM practitioners offer a new way to listen to the […]

Veridoception: What is it?

SUMMARY: Veridoception, a word coined by our Director Dr. Kevin S. Millet, refers to our innate capacity to sense truth, right, universality, sustainability, resonance, and the like. It aligns with interoceptive reasoning. It is an understanding that emerges from within us when we are sufficiently clear of the interfering noise of symptoms, life stressors, and […]

Bourbon’s Healthy?

While, this isn’t a lecture blog, the doctor in me wants to encourage you to seek help if alcohol is interrupting your work, relationships, life, or quality of life in any way. With that being addressed, let’s talk about some benefits of making informed alcoholic beverage choices.

Weird Coffee Question

In TBM we have a peculiar, to those not attuned to our insights on human physiology, list of super-foods. Victor started us off with beef and raw cashews. I added things like liver, red wine, hot peppers, and more