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What is Eustress?

When forging a healed life, it is important to plan for eustress. Humans need to build resilience to gain the benefits that eustress offers. After defining eustress, look at the various ways it translates to reality, and learn how to build resilience by leveraging eustress to your advantage. Can you imagine a symptom-free life? […]

The Language of the Body

The body speaks through symptoms. The symptoms need to be addressed, instead of masked through the scar, burn, poison (biomedical model). Considering the way we treat our bodies analogous to handling a baby, it is clear there must be an alternative to biomedical measures. TBM practitioners offer a new way to listen to the […]

Veridoception: What is it?

Veridoception, a word coined by our Director Dr. Kevin S. Millet, refers to our innate capacity to sense truth, right, universality, sustainability, resonance, and the like. It aligns with interoceptive reasoning. It is an understanding that emerges from within us when we are sufficiently clear of the interfering noise of symptoms, life stressors, and […]

Easy-Does-It Dietary Changes

Dietary changes are necessary for long-term health. TBM is focused on making sure that changes are manageable and lasting. Dietary changes are best made slowly. 8 Simple ways to improve dietary practices. TBM is lifestyle-based medicine and you can get a head start. “And see that all these things are done in wisdom and […]

Bourbon's Healthy?

Why is the consumption of bourbon considered a vice rather than a virtue? An obvious reason is abuse, however the less obvious one, ignorance, is much more intriguing. This blog sets out to remedy that! Bourbon perfectly illustrates ideal sustenance, brimming with life-enhancing congeners and promoting good digestive health. This blog discusses how its […]

Weird Coffee Question

Does espresso coffeemake you smell different? Coffee seems more and more likely to make the next published TBM superfood list. It passes so many of the litmus tests like being part of human cuisine for centuries (since the 16th century), adopted by human around the lobe, and contemporary scientific investigation demonstrates multiple short and […]

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