TBM Menu Chart - Complete Collection (save $450)

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We currently offer our Menu Charts in two different sizes and paper types.

The larger charts are 24 x 36" (60.96 x 91.44cm) in size and are printed onto a very light weight paper (80# Pacesetter Gloss Book).  These charts are delivered rolled in a 3" diameter mailing tube. This chart size was designed to be hung on the wall and read from a moderate distance (up to 7 or 8 feet). We recommend professional dry mounting and/or framing prior to use. We do not recommend laminating them as they must be handled with a high degree of care and many laminating technicians do not have the necessary experience to avoid damaging the charts. However, it has been our experience that a highly experienced lamination professional is able to produce a satisfactory result, but such a professional may be difficult to find.

The smaller charts are  12" x 18" (30.48cm x 45.72cm) in size and are printed onto a  heavy weight/card stock paper (cast coated, 12 point cover), These charts are delivered flat in a shipping box. This size was designed to be hand-held while reading, as the print is too small to be read from a distance of 3 or more feet for most individuals. These smaller charts may be utilized right away, "as is," without any mounting or laminating, but will mount and laminate well for longer-lasting use.