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PASS 3 - 40TH Anniversary Curriculum of TBM (Drs. Kevin S. Millet & Megan C. Choy)

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Most Comprehensive, Effective Course In The History Of Western Subtle-Influence Medicine Presented By Drs. Kevin S. Millet & Megan C. Choy

  • PA: Part 1 (Module 1 Part A) // Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset & Autonomic Recovery
    Physiologic Reset and Autonomic Recovery ONE (PA1), formerly Module 1a, is the first course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive and includes an Introduction to TBM, the TBM Basics, TBM's Phases of Healing, Energy Efficiency, Hydrational Efficiency, Costal Torsion Complex, concluding a TBM attunement session, TBM's Autonomic Recovery Program, and drilling of the techniques presented during the course.

  • PA: Part 2 (Module 1 Part B) // Foundation of Healing: Physiological Reset & Nutritional Support

    Physiologic Reset and Autonomic Recovery TWO (PA1), formerly Module 1b, is the second course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive and includes over 70 neurosensory reflex points, along with their corrections, TBM's system for evaluating a client's nutritional requirements, and a drilling of the techniques presented during the course.

  • SE: Part 1 (Module 2 Part A) // Soft Tissue, Immune & Neurological: Myofacial pain, Allergies, Cognition, Menuing, & Additional Body Points

    Myofascial Pain, Allergies, Cognition, Menuing, Addl Body Points (SE1), formerly Module 2a, is the third course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive.
    In this course, you will learn subtle corrections for mechanical lower back, sacroiliac, and other pain syndromes. We will also teach you TBM’s renowned & revolutionary Harmonization sequence used with clients who suffer from allergies, infections, & toxicities.

  • SE: Part 2 (Module 2 Part B) // Energy & Emotion

    Energy & Emotion (SE2), formerly Module 2b, is the fourth course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive.
    Dr. Victor Frank taught, “The Body weeps the tears the eyes refused to shed.” In 1979 he introduced six touched-based methods of neutralizing acute & chronic emotional scars. He called it “Emotional Erase” and it was offered as a means to unload emotional baggage that was showing up as physical problems and barriers to a successful life.

  • PC: Part 1 (Module 3 Part A) // Pathologies & Specialized Physiology: Comprehensive Immune, Neurological & Cardiovascular

    Pathologies & Specialized (PC1), formerly Module 3a, is the fifth course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive.
    You will receive training in TBM protocols and techniques to help clients and patients who suffer with viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections; degenerative conditions like lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue; immunologic breakdown as seen in cancer and AIDS; neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s; suffering from cataracts; cardiovascular degenerative issues like erectile dysfunction, cardiac insufficiency and cardiac rhythmic abnormalities like brady & tachycardia.

  • PC: Part 2 (Module 3 Part B) // Pathologies & Specialized Physiology: Comprehensive Detoxification, Endocrine & Advanced Techniques

    Pathologies & Specialized (PC2), formerly Module 3b, is the sixth course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive.
    You will receive training in TBM protocols and techniques to safely detoxify the body of toxic metals, medication residues, & environmental chemicals stored in adipose tissues; repair the physiologic damage from vaccinations; assist clients with cholecystic, hepatic & renal lithiases (stones); re-establish restorative sleep; support those who have been utilizing medications to manage diabetes; address lipomas; re-establish, energy balance and facilitate optimization of body composition.

  • PB: Part 1 (Module 4 Part A) // Energetic Protection & Projected Meditation

    Energetic Protection & Projected Meditation (PB1), formerly Module 4a, is the seventh course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive.
    Once asked by a student what was most important after “sugar and water” Dr. Frank replied, “Protection!” In this course we will introduce you to your personal Sacred Garden and teach you how to access and utilize your Biocomputer. We will also expand upon what Dr. Frank meant by Protection, giving multiple techniques to enhance energetic protection,but most of all the Core Essence/Protection procedure that Dr. Frank visualized during a meditation that is part of the daily care and maintenance of our energetic body.

  • PB: Part 2 (Module 4 Part B) // Backward Thinking (TM) & Advanced Healing

    Backward Thinking & Advanced Healing (PB2), formerly Module 4b, is the eighth course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive.

    The “Advanced Healing” portion of this course is where we put the entire TBM process all together, not only for you to learn, absorb, and internalize, but also for you to receive personal healing. Come to this course with the TBM Basics in place so you may be ready to receive insights and solutions to remaining health &/or life issues that the Basics may not have resolved.

  • CE: Part 1 (Module 5 Part A) // Core Antidote: Core Inquiry, Core Belief & Core Truth Anchoring

    Core Inquiry, Core Belief, Core Truth Anchoring (CE1), formerly Module 5a, is the ninth course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive.

    The aim of the Core Antidote process is to eliminate all of the beliefs, practices, and circumstances that express an individual’s deepest fear (Core Falsehood) about themselves (e.g. evil, stupid, worthless) and, instead, achieve a state and life where those things all resonate with their brightest hope (Core Truth) (e.g. pure love, worthy, extraordinary).

  • CE: Part 2 (Module 5 Part B) // Core Antidote: Situationals, Mission of Reform & Inner Child/Parent

    Situationals, Mission of Reform, Inner Parent/Child (CE2), formerly Module 5b, is the tenth course in our Foundations of Healing Intensive.
    In this course you will learn how to mak
    e it so your patient/client will no longer need to avoid people, environments, and/or situations due to emotional distress, but rather be able to function anywhere and with anyone at their very best.
    You will also learn TBM's life coaching program, empowering your patients/clients to navigate daily and long term choices with clarity, and enjoy peaceful and productive relationships.

  • AA (Module A) // Art of Adjusting Articulations: Reflexive, Mechanical & Manual Adjusting of the Spine & Extremities - PREORDER

    Reflexive, Mechanical, & Manual Adjusting of the Spine & Extremities. This course is limited to those licensed, or in school, for adjusting, includes hands-on demonstrations by the instructor and student practice sessions.This course is a classic adjusting seminar. Whether you are an expert adjustor or just out of school you will increase your ability to find and adjust subluxations with confidence.
    This course is limited to those licensed, or in school, for adjusting, includes hands-on demonstrations by the instructor and student practice sessions and is required for AA certification.

  • SI (Module M) // Origin & Evolution of Subtle-Influence Medicine


    The Methods of the Originating Post-Enlightenment Healing Masters - Origin & Evolution of Subtle-Influence Medicine. In this course we present Mesmer’s original techniques and a long list of the developments that led right up to the founding of TBM in 1978.

  • MV (Module V) // Mastery of the TBM Harmonization & Program Vials
    Our aim with Module V is simple – complete MASTERY OF THE TBM VIALS!

    In our 2nd and 3rd modules we introduced you to them, all one-thousand and eighty (1080) of them. It’s time to get past introductions and really get to know them. Not just how to use them, but how to use them MASTERFULLY.
    Our vials are amongst the most powerful, transformational and healing tools that have ever been available, but not if you only know them superficially. To really capitalize on them takes some effort, some study, some background and, of course, the BIG PICTURE of WHAT THE VIALS ARE ALL ABOUT.
    Our team of researchers have made it SIMPLE and DIRECT for you in this course.

    Come prepared to take your abililty to Backward Think, to transform the trajectory of your patient’s and client’s lives and health, and to truly love what you do to an ENTIRELY NEW LEVEL. Join us for a POWERFUL SEMINAR that has not only been in the making for 17 years (Dr. Millet), but at least 40 (Dr. Frank), probably 114 (Dr. Abrams) and maybe even 235 (Dr. Mesmer)!

    Here are some additional details on what you’ll be learning: how the vials were originally conceived, what they truly represent, the history behind the vials, how they are made, how to make vials yourself (both Harmonization and Program formats), which TBM vials you need, how to use them as Filters, advanced Program and Harmonization methods, how to effectively Menu to a vial, diverse ways of using a vial, proper care for the vials, ways to contribute to the TBM library of vials, what to do if you don’t have a vial you need, and how to order a custom TBM vial.

    You’ll not only get to view the century-old machines, including Dr. Frank’s original 1938 “vial charger,” the vials are made on, but you’ll witness and participate in workshopping with the vials including making them. Your registration includes the experience of creating, with our equipment, a Harmonization or a Program vial of your design. We’ll also make available a companion resource that describes the basics behind utilizing EVERY SINGLE VIAL in the TBM library, including both techniques and physiologically- useful background information.

  • HO (Module HO) // Distance TBM
    TBM Healing at a Distance - Surrogate & Non-Surrogate Remote Attunements
    Distance healing has been part of our healing lineage since it's inception in the late 18th century. It has been part of TBM from early on. Victor used to call it "power adjusting." Performing remote TBM on someone using a live assistant is quite simple and only a few rules need to be followed. Some TBM practitioners work exclusively over-the-phone without an assistant acting as a surrogate. We call this holographic TBM (holoTBM).

    In this course we will teach you how to effectively and consistently provide TBM on those who are unable to come to you. We will cover all particulars from theory to practice. There are multiple demonstrations in the course to allow you to see remote TBM in action.

    This course will enable you to expand your practice to those outside of your proximal community and be more resilent in the face of any future shut-downs that may occur.

    The course consists of seven segments each ranging from 35 to 58 minutes for a total run time of just over 5 hours. Here are the particular segments and length.
    • HO_01_INTRODUCTION (35 min)
    • HO_02_POWER_ADJUSTING (48 min)
    • HO_04_SURROGATE_DEMOS (58 min)
    • HO_05_HOLOGRAPHIC_DEMOS (43 min)
    • HO_06_WORKSHOP_&_SPECIFICS (44 min)
    • HO_07_METHODS_&_CLOSING (35 min)
    You will not only be learning remote healing but will also be observing Dr. Millet work with real clients and how he approaches TBM attunements.

    This course promises to be one of the most important any TBM practitioner could ever take as it will expand each viewers ability to provide TBM when it would have been previously impossible. Not only bringing added revenue and increased flexibility but also a greater reach and therefore a greater level of service.

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  • The seminar is broken up into 8 sections. Each section is about 60 minutes for a total running time of approximately 8 hours.
  • Course notes are included. Full-color PA1&2 (M1) 40th Anniversary Manual NOT included, but may be purchased as an option with this product at a 25% savings ($50 reduction).
  • We recommend adding a PA1&2 Starter Kit. It will not only facilitate the learning and implementation of the material, but is offered at a 15% savings ($64.50 savings) when combined with this course.
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