Portland, Oregon, USA – Module PA: Parts 1 & 2 (Mod 1a & 1b): February 2024

Portland, Oregon, USA – Module PA: Parts 1 & 2 (Mod 1a & 1b): February 2024



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Basic Physiologic Exam & Autonomic Recovery (Sugar Control) Program

Total Body Modification (TBM) is a time-tested, easy-to-use system of healing that relies primarily on analyzing the patients’ and clients’ body through kinesiologic evaluation of TBM-specific body points and radionically-charged TBM test vials.

In TBM we don’t suppress or ignore our patients’ symptoms, we seek to respond to them in a way that restores the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself.  Most corrections are made with a simple hand-held tool that all therapists can use with confidence.  Most often, immediate results are apparent.  In TBM we use nutrition to support, but not drive the healing process, therefore significantly reducing the amount of nutritional supplementation a patient/client needs.

In Module 1, the first part of the TBM Basics, we will teach you clinically-effective muscle testing, body point location, body point corrections, and our Autonomic Rrecovery Program.

The Autonomic Recovery Program resets the overall tone of the autonomic nervous system, safely detoxifies the body, re-establishes healthy regulation of blood sugar, and trains patients/clients to listen to their body’s needs.

Among the things Module 1 will prepare you to deal with more effectively are patients/clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, insomnia, organ-centered problems, fatigue, blood sugar issues, weight management, addiction, and general health maintenance. Time for extensive practice is allowed for and a good comfort level with the material is achieved by most prior to the conclusion of the seminar.

*TBM requires verification of eligibility for Reduced status prior to access to content/live event. To expedite access to your online seminar/live event, please reply to purchase receipt email (or email [email protected] independently – be sure to include order # in subject line) and attach verifying documents or provide prior order numbers. Reduced fees are applicable to the following individuals listed below:

  • Refreshers: completed the identical course previously, including PASS 4 – The Intensives of TBM. Document: TBM Verification of Attendance form or Order #’s.
  • Students: full-time enrollment at an accredited health care degree-granting institution. Document: active student ID (must state year) or most recent class schedule printout containing student name.
  • Faculty/Resident: employment at/through an accredited health care degree-granting institution. Document: Employee or resident ID Badge or equivalent.
  • 1st Year: within 12 months of graduation from an accredited health care degree-granting institution. Document: Diploma.

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