TBM Master’s Series – Wayne Hirsbrunner (MSH) – Online Training Course

TBM Master’s Series – Wayne Hirsbrunner (MSH) – Online Training Course



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Central to Dr. Hirsbrunner’s TBM approach is the integration of the work that Dr. Ed Wagner presented at TBM Alive! conferences in the 1980s and a large book of TBM and TBM-like techniques that Ed compiled. In fact, Dr. Hirsbrunner is never doing TBM on someone without “Ed’s Book” in hand! While he references that work throughout much of the course it is the final segment where he focuses specifically on it. A reworking of “Ed’s Book” by Dr. Hirsbrunner is included with registration for this course.
Print-restricted, password-enabled digital version of the 246 page manual is included with registration. Printed versions are available for an additional fee.
5 segments for a total running time of 5 hours and 22 minutes. A basic outline of those segments is below:
  1. Introduction to Dr. Hirsbrunner’s personal background and approach; neurosensory testing approaches [56 min 48 sec]
  2. TBM System Body Points; Regeneration; Rapid alternate method for Descending Order of Immune Degeneration (DOID) techniques [1 hour 10 min 43 sec]
  3. Descending Order of Immune Degeneration (DOID) continued; Pathology Status [59 min 25 sec]
  4. Descending Order of Immune Degeneration (DOID) continued; Chakras; Other infection Programs [1 hour 9 min 57 sec]
  5. Demonstration of Edward Wagner-derived and inspired techniques (“Ed’s Book”) [1 hour 5 min 15 sec]
Covered throughout the videos are explanations and demonstrations of the following techniques: Complexing, Antidote, Scanning, Scanning Vials, Recalibrating the Practitioner, Systems, Program Running/Completed/Not Needed/Waiting, and Additional test points (Treatments).


  • Purchase of this product must be approved by TBM prior to video segments becoming available for viewing. This may result in a 1-2 business days delay. If you purchased at the reduced rate, email your documentation to [email protected] to expedite the approval. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Each video section may be opened only once*, you may review that section as many times as you wish so long as you do not close the video window.  Once the video window is closed you will be locked out and unable to view the video again.
  • Important! Use an up-to-date web browser and video plugin to view videos. Prior to viewing any video segment, be sure to update your web browser and video plugin with the most current version.
  • E-Motion TBM with Dr. Kevin Millet may be viewed an unlimited number of times. We recommend testing your ability to view videos on our website with this recording.
  • The seminar is broken up into 8 sections. Each section is about 60 minutes for a total running time of approximately 8 hours.
  • Course notes are included. Full-color AA (MA) 40th Anniversary Manual NOT included, but may be purchased as an option with this product at a 25% savings ($50 reduction).
  • We recommend adding a PA1&2 Starter Kit. This will help facilitate the learning and implementation of the material.
*Reduced fees are applicable to the following individuals listed below. TBM requires proof of status PRIOR to attendance/streaming of content. To expedite access to your online seminar, please email proof of your reduced status to [email protected].
  • Refreshers: registrant has completed the identical seminar previously (Verification of Attendance Form)
  • Students: full-time enrollment at an accredited health care degree-granting institution (ID with year OR most recent class schedule printout that includes student’s name)
  • Faculty/Resident: employment at/through an accredited health care degree-granting institution (ID Badge)
  • 1st Year: within 1 year of graduation from an accredited health care degree-granting institution (Diploma)

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