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Energy & Emotion Intensive – Online Training Course


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TBM’S comprehensive emotional clearing, energetic restoration, and life coaching OR program


Dr. Victor Frank often mentioned the proverb that our bodies weep the tears that our eyes refused to shed. In fact, many physical ailments are the result of lingering emotional wounds. Dr. Frank, and many others in TBM, went to work developing ways to resolve this. They created efficient techniques to address all aspects of this issue. As a result, in TBM we have techniques to correct physical issues caused by emotional wounds. We have techniques to heal the emotional wounds themselves. Finally, we have techniques to decrease the likelihood of new emotional wounds occurring. These earlier techniques include TBM’s Emotional Erases and the emotional Program vials.


Dr. Kevin Millet applied these earlier emotional techniques in his practice to great effect. Despite this, he encountered clients for whom these techniques fell short. Some clients felt that they were fatally flawed. As a result, they were unable to experience joy, success, love, and peace of mind. These clients considered themselves unworthy, evil, worthless, stupid, a loser, and the like. Dr. Millet looked to his studies and experiences to find a solution for these clients. He developed new techniques to get to these deep-seated fears and beliefs and remove them. These techniques include an initial profound correction and follow-up support. They enable the client to navigate towards their brightest hope and highest values. Dr. Millet called this collection of techniques Core Antidote.


Most of us take our body’s ability to collect and manage energy for granted. Yet many individuals experience fatigue and sleep disruptions. Many have a need for coffee or another caffeinated beverage to fully ‘wake up.’ The need to consume calories is obvious to everyone, but there are other important energy sources that are often overlooked. These energy sources are more subtle but they are every bit as important. Early on, Dr. Frank developed some techniques to restore the ability to draw energy from the earth. Over time, others have developed techniques to draw energy from the cosmos as well.


In this intensive we will teach the early techniques of Dr. Frank and his contemporaries. We will also teach Dr. Millet’s Core Antidote. But the innovation continues as we strive for increased efficiency and effectiveness. To that end, we will also teach some of the newer techniques that have developed in recent years.


In Energy and Emotion we teach techniques to assess and address the energetical and emotional status of your client. Furthermore we teach TBM’s Core Essence Coaching program. Our aim for the course is that every attendee increase their effectiveness as a healer and gain confidence as a life coach. We aim to teach each attendee how to catalyze transformations in the lives of their clients.


Here are some of the contents of the Energy and Emotion intensive:

• Core Essence/Protection: Internal energetic cleansing, increasing bioenergy, establishing adequate bioshielding

• Selected TBM Body Points: Learning the points that are needed to conduct the techniques that follow.

• TBM Program vial sequence: Learning how to use a TBM Program vial.

• Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Exam: Assessing and reestablishing whole body optimal ATP metabolism

• Comprehensive Energetical Exam: Circadian patterns, energetic channels, restorative sleep, electromagnetic hygiene, bioshielding, and personal interaction empowerment techniques

• Comprehensive Emotional Exam: Emotional Erases, Emotional Programmed Sequences, emotional Program vials, emotional states

• Core Antidote: Determining a client’s deepest fear and brightest hope, aligning core beliefs to brightest hope, anchoring of optimal core beliefs

• Core Essence Coaching: A coaching system of techniques and concepts to neutralize personal emotional and intellectual obstacles to a productive, prosperous, and joyful life

NOTES: This course contains information found in the PA (Mod1), SE (Mod2), PB (Mod4), MV (Module V) and CE (Mod5) Course Notes and 40th Anniversary Manuals. This course counts as a single-qualifying attendance towards CA and a partial for BE and BP certification.

Based on our observations over the years, we found that doctors/providers who take all the courses in a relatively short time-period are more successful in implementing TBM into their practice as they are better able to understand how TBM works as a complete system of healing. For that, and other reasons, we have chosen to bring back the TBM Intensives that Dr. Victor Frank used to offer.

These Intensives provide a unique opportunity to learn from someone who learned TBM under the tutelage of Dr. Frank. Dr. Millet have been overseeing the development of TBM for the past 11 years and will bring a wealth of insight that exceeds the standardly presented curriculum. These intensives will provide a great embellishment to the pre-recorded seminars.

The course may be registered for as an entire series at a savings of $2000 or they may be selected individually.

There are not prerequisites needed for any of these courses, however students who do not already possess a basic college level understanding of anatomy and physiology are recommended to contact us for guidance on self-study courses that will quickly impart the knowledge needed to study TBM.

If you have any questions or require assistance with registration please phone us at +1 (435) 652-4340 or email us at [email protected].

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