Vial Disclaimer Card

Vial Disclaimer Card




We recognize that many of you travel with your TBM tools, either as a TBM Instructor, or to treat patients in other cities and countries. Your TBM tools are quite small and easy to pack, and to ensure that you make it through airport security (or any other security checks you may encounter) we offer a Vial Disclaimer Card. This card offers the following information translated into 15 languages from around the world:
NO BIOLOGICALLY HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCLUDED. Electronically charged water used for allergy testing and elimination. Vibrational equivalent of named substance. No actual drug, pathogen or substance contained. Any questions please contact TBM.
The Vial Disclaimer Card fits easily inside your black leather vial case so it is readily accessible for inspection. If you choose to carry your vials onto the plane, we recommend that you take out the vials at security, place them in their own bin and place the Vial Disclaimer Card on top. We have found that our experience at security goes very smoothly when we follow this procedure. 

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