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In TBM we have many processes, both foundational and advanced, that require the provider to touch three or more body points in combination. In Module One, Invasion and Blood Pressure Ratio are two examples of techniques that require 3 or more points to be contacted. While these techniques can be performed with an assistant in the office, they can also be completed using Vaccaria Seeds.

Vaccaria Seeds, an ancient acupressure tool, act like a finger touching a body point, allowing a provider to work alone in his or her office, and still be able to complete ALL TBM procedures. They can also be sent home with a patient to complete techniques to address snoring, bed wetting and other sleep issues, as well as to stimulate hair growth as taught in various TBM Modules. Each pack of Vaccaria Seeds comes with 600 single-use, adhesive fabric squares.

Note: 10 cards are included each with 60 seeds.

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