Emotional – Physical Hado (Vintage Vial Set)


Emotional – Physical Hado (Vintage Vial Set)


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Emotional Physical Hado Vial Set

15 Individual Vials:

Good Fortune & Optimism – Improved Immunity (antivirus)
Open-heartedness (refief from suppression) – Blood Circulation
Passion & Willingness – Arteries (improved blood circulation)
Calmness & Peace of Mind (relief from irritibility) – Lymphatic Flow
Free Thinking (release from obsession) – Bloodflow, Platelets
Motivation to Move Fwd (relief from depression) –  Lymph (immunity)
Cheerfulness (relief from sorrow) – Improved Eyesight (esp farsightedness)
Cleaner Heart & Body (relief from environ stress) – Lumbar Spine
Strengthened Bonds (relation stress relief) – Blood Circulation
Creation of Strong Bonds (relation stress relief) – Brain Function
Relief from Stubborn & Pride – Thymus (immunity)
Revitalise after Fatigue & Stress – Central Nervous System
Relief from Rigidity & Obsession – Smoother Joint Movement
Self Love – Relief from Joint Pain
Relief from Worry & Anxiety – Acetycholine (activated neurotransmitter)

Contributed by Brian Bateman, ND, DC, DipAc, MAcA in 2008.

For further details about each individual vial, please reference the individual vial listings on this website.

*LIFETIME GUARANTEE These vials comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and label failure.

NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCLUDED.  Each vial contains municipal water only.  Vials have been radionically magnetized and are utilized in holistic evaluation of an individual’s energetic imbalances.  Therefore, they contain the vibrational equivalent of the named substance only.  No amount of any actual drug, pathogen, toxin or other substance contained.  Any questions please contact Total Body Modification (TBM), Inc. in the USA via email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 (435) 652-4340.

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