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PASS 2 - Modules of TBM (Dr. Victor L. Frank)

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Presentation of TBM's Most Popular Curriculum From The 1990s-Era Presented By Dr Victor L. Frank


This is an eight minute video explanation of TBM. It offers a straight-forward explanation of TBM. It is a simple and direct presentation that is easily understood.  It was produced in late 1990s.

DIGITAL VIDEO COURSE (included) [14hr 46min total running time]

  • Victor Frank's 2005 Module 1 (part one - 2hr 12min, part two - 1hr 47min)
  • Victor Frank's 2005 Module 2 (1hr 57min)
  • Victor Frank's 2008 Module 3 (part one - 2hr 13min, part two - 1hr 59min, Part 3 - 2hr 7min)
  • Victor Frank's 1988 Art of Chiropractic (2hr 31min)

  • Module 1 Workbook (1996)
  • Module 2 Workbook (1996)
  • Module 3 Workbook (1996)
  • Art of Chiropractic Workbook (1988)


PASS TWO A STARTER KIT (Module 2, SE1&2) [SAVE 10% ($63.10) off the cost of purchasing each item individually]

Vial Sets included:

  • All Vial Set
  • Cellular Immunity Vial Set
  • Environmental - Crop Protection Chemicals Vial Set
  • Fundamental Vial Set
  • Micro-organism – Morgellons

Products included:

  • Leather Vial Case
  • LED Light
  • Magnet
  • Vial Disclaimer Card

PASS TWO B STARTER KIT (Module 3) PC1&2 [SAVE 10% ($78.30) off the cost of purchasing each item individually]

Vial sets included:

  • Autoimmune
  • Environmental - Metals
  • Medication - Compendium
  • Microorganism - Sugar Infection
  • Pathological
  • Empty Black Leather Case
  • Vial Disclaimer Card

This is the 2nd edition of a TBM Menu Dynamics chart. It was co-created by Drs. Kevin S. Millet and Erica Statman. The first edition was presented at the Las Vegas Alive! conference May 2 - 4, 2013. This chart is a 2015 updated edition.

Dimensions: 24 x 36" (60.96 x 91.44cm)


The TBM CHART is a full color. It is a suitable size for framing. It shows TBM's Body Points as they existed in the mid 1990s. 

Dimensions are 23" x 33" (58.42cm x 83.82cm).

  • Purchase of this product must be approved by TBM prior to video segments becoming available for viewing. This may result in a 1-2 business days delay. If you purchased at the reduced rate, email your documentation to [email protected] to expedite the approval. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Each video section may be opened only once*, you may review that section as many times as you wish so long as you do not close the video window.  Once the video window is closed you will be locked out and unable to view the video again.
  • Important! Use an up-to-date web browser and video plugin to view videos. Prior to viewing any video segment, be sure to update your web browser and video plugin with the most current version.
  • E-Motion TBM with Dr. Kevin Millet may be viewed an unlimited number of times. We recommend testing your ability to view videos on our website with this recording.
  • The seminar is broken up into 8 sections. Each section is about 60 minutes for a total running time of approximately 8 hours.
  • Course notes are included. Full-color PA1&2 (M1) 40th Anniversary Manual NOT included, but may be purchased as an option with this product at a 25% savings ($50 reduction).
  • We recommend adding a PA1&2 Starter Kit. It will not only facilitate the learning and implementation of the material, but is offered at a 15% savings ($64.50 savings) when combined with this course.