Master the Art of Healing Certification

Master the Art of Healing Certification


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The Master Healer Certification is offered either with Art of Adjusting Certification or without Art of Adjusting Certification. To achieve the Master Healer Certification, an applicant must complete all individual Certifications (with Art of Adjusting optional). Additionally, the applicant must attend two TBM Alive! Conferences and give at least one presentation at both conferences. Once the requirements have been completed, purchase the “Master Healer Certification” on the website (even though there is no charge for this one, it is important for our records that the purchase be completed). Then email the Master Healer Certification Form to [email protected].


Once TBM has reviewed your submission an email notification will be sent with passing or failing status. If the applicant fails to achieve certification, the reviewer will provide comments to assist resubmission. To resubmit a Master Healer Certification, make the changes suggested by the reviewer and resend the appropriate documents to [email protected]. Upon passing, TBM will update your Provider listing and a Master Healer Certificate will be presented to you in a ceremony at the next Alive! Conference.

Master the Art of Healing Certification Packet  [download .pdf]

Description of our certification program and application forms.


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