PASS 4 – Intensives of TBM – (Dr. Kevin S. Millet)


PASS 4 – Intensives of TBM – (Dr. Kevin S. Millet)




Practical Application & Contextually-Oriented Review Of Entire 40TH Annual Curriculum Presented by Dr. Kevin S. Millet




These courses were recorded in 2022 before a small audience in the TBM studio in Las Vegas. The entire TBM curriculum was covered during the year in 4 weeklong courses by Dr. Kevin S. Millet. Dr. Millet was hand-selected by Dr. Victor Frank to not only teach TBM in 2002 but also to carry TBM forward in 2009 just prior to his passing.

Our Instructor – Dr. Kevin S. Millet

Dr. Millet has been an avid student of all things  subtle-influence medicine since reading Sweet & Dangerous by John Yudkin along with material on chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology in 1976 when only 12 years of age. When in full-time practice Dr. Millet specialized in those disabled from hypersensitivity and dysautonomic syndromes (e.g. fibromyalgia syndrome, irrititble bowel syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, multiple sclerosis, post-Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus). He only accepted patients who were either disabled from food and environmental allergies or experiencing all five of the following:

  • Mood disorder (anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder)
  • Sleep disorder (insomnia)
  • Energy disorder (chronic fatigue)
  • Pain disorder (multi-site or whole-body pain)
  • Digestive disorder (constipation, dyspepsia, irritable bowel)

On top of this most of his patients were taking 8 to 12 medications, had a diagnosed endocrine disorder (e.g. diabetes, hypothyroid, low testosterone, adrenal fatigue, oophorectomy), were dyscognitive, and suffered from food reactions. He was known as a “diagnostic junkie” in that he performed extension laboratory, physical, imaging, and electrodiagnostic exams regularly to confirm resolution of their conditions.

His knowledge of, enthusiasm for, and confidence in subtle-influence medicine, and TBM specifically, is palpable throughout these Intensive courses.

The four week-long intensives were thematically based and consisted of Foundations of Healing, Energy and Emotion, Pathophysiology, and Profound Origins of TBM. Full descriptions of each of the intensives may be found below.

Note: Digital, password-protected, print-restricted Course Notes are included.


TBM’s complete endocrine, immunological, and cardiovascular renewal program


Dr. Victor Frank loved receiving phone calls from TBM practitioners to discuss cases. Practitioners from around the world capitalized on this opportunity. Whenever someone would call, they were always asked this question first, “Did you do The Basics?” Dr. Frank taught students that they could guarantee results in TBM if they did The Basics first. He also taught that the sicker a person is the more they needed The Basics.


The Basics is what the body requires to restore its ability to self-regulate. The Basics lay the foundation for homeostasis in the presence of normal daily stress. Self-regulation and homeostasis result in resilience in the body. Without this foundation, healing progress is challenging and generally short-lived. The more ailments a person has, the more the body has lost its self-regulation and resilience. The changes required to reestablish self-regulation and homeostasis are The Basics. There are 2 categories: practitioner corrections and lifestyle Modification. Neither are enough on their own. It is only through implementation of both that we reestablish self-regulation and homeostasis.


In Foundations of Healing we teach the techniques required to restore a body to self-regulation and homeostasis. Sound like a tall order? It is. Over four decades, TBM has developed a training method that achieves this lofty aim. Using demonstration and workshopping, we teach each test and correction of The Basics. We also teach the lifestyle Modifications and how to get clients to make the changes. Our aim for the course is that every attendee understand how to implement the TBM Basics.


Here are the contents of the Foundations of Healing intensive:

  • Basic Energetical Exam: Re-establishing the body’s ability to draw energy from both the earth and the cosmos
  • Fractured Crucible: Reestablishing a person’s capacity to strengthen their electromagnetic fields
  • Core Essence/Protection: Strengthening the body’s electromagnetic fields and establishing an auric shield
  • Autonomic Recovery Program: Lifestyle implementation program to support restoration of self-regulation and resilience
  • Surface Anatomy: Locating TBM landmarks to do TBM with precision
  • Basic Physiological Exam: Over 100 tests and corrections of basic body functions
  • Basic Structural Exam: Restoring global harmony/alignment of the axial skeleton (cranium, thorax, pelvis)
  • Basic Allergical Exam: Eliminating the majority of food and environmental sensitivities
  • Basic Emotional Exam: Foundational emotional corrections to release basic body functions from chronic emotional patterns
  • Basic Learning (Neurological) Exam: Restoring cognition and expression
  • Basic Immunological Exam: Activating immune responsiveness to pathogens
  • Need & Use: Targeted neurosensory evaluation of foundational nutritional deficiencies
  • Additional Body Points: 68 additional tests and corrections.
  • Structural Integrity (or Harmony): Assessment of global and segmental structure and the process of structural attunement
  • Menuing: Charting the path from the symptom to the correction Core Essence/Protection. Internal energetic cleansing, increasing bioenergy, establishing adequate bioshielding



TBM’s comprehensive emotional clearing, energetic restoration, and life coaching program.


Dr. Victor Frank often mentioned the proverb that our bodies weep the tears that our eyes refused to shed. In fact, many physical ailments are the result of lingering emotional wounds. Dr. Frank, and many others in TBM, went to work developing ways to resolve this. They created efficient techniques to  address all aspects of this issue. As a result, in TBM we have techniques to correct physical issues caused by emotional wounds. We have techniques to heal the emotional wounds themselves. Finally, we have techniques to decrease the likelihood of new emotional wounds occurring. These earlier techniques include TBM’s Emotional Erases and the emotional Program vials.


Dr. Kevin Millet applied these earlier emotional techniques in his practice to great effect. Despite this, he encountered clients for whom these techniques fell short. Some clients felt that they were fatally flawed. As a result, they were unable to experience joy, success, love, and peace of mind. These clients considered themselves unworthy, evil, worthless, stupid, a loser, and the like. Dr. Millet looked to his studies and experiences to find a solution for these clients. He developed new techniques to get to these deep-seated fears and beliefs and remove them. These techniques include an initial profound correction and follow-up support. They enable the client to navigate towards their brightest hope and highest values. Dr. Millet called this collection of techniques Core Antidote.


Most of us take our body’s ability to collect and manage energy for granted. Yet many individuals experience fatigue and sleep disruptions. Many have a need for coffee or another caffeinated beverage to fully ‘wake up.’ The need to consume calories is obvious to everyone, but there are other important energy sources that are often overlooked. These energy sources are more subtle but they are every bit as important. Early on, Dr. Frank developed some techniques to restore the ability to draw energy from the earth. Over time, others have developed techniques to draw energy from the cosmos as well.


In this intensive we will teach the early techniques of Dr. Frank and his contemporaries. We will also teach Dr. Millet’s Core Antidote. But the innovation continues as we strive for increased efficiency and effectiveness. To that end, we will also teach some of the newer techniques that have developed in recent years.


In Energy and Emotion we teach techniques to assess and address the energetical and emotional status of your client. Furthermore we teach TBM’s Core Essence Coaching program. Our aim for the course is that every attendee increase their effectiveness as a healer and gain confidence as a life coach. We aim to teach each attendee how to catalyze transformations in the lives of their clients.


Here are some of the contents of the Energy and Emotion intensive:

  • Core Essence/Protection: Internal energetic cleansing, increasing bioenergy, establishing adequate bioshielding
  • Selected TBM Body Points: Learning the points that are needed to conduct the techniques that follow.
  • TBM Program vial sequence: Learning how to use a TBM Program vial.
  • Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Exam: Assessing and reestablishing whole body optimal ATP metabolism
  • Comprehensive Energetical Exam: Circadian patterns, energetic channels, restorative sleep, electromagnetic hygiene, bioshielding, and personal interaction empowerment techniques
  • Comprehensive Emotional Exam: Emotional Erases, Emotional Programmed Sequences, emotional Program vials, emotional states
  • Core Antidote: Determining a client’s deepest fear and brightest hope, aligning core beliefs to brightest hope, anchoring of optimal core beliefs
  • Core Essence Coaching: A coaching system of techniques and concepts to neutralize personal emotional and intellectual obstacles to a productive, prosperous, and joyful life


Comprehensive Detoxification, Endocrine, & Adv. Techniques


Pathophysiology is ‘the abnormal physiological process associated with disease or injury.’ It can occur in healthy or diseased tissue. As a subtle-influence medicine system of healing, TBM doesn’t deal with diseased tissue. It doesn’t even deal directly with pathophysiology. Instead, TBM directs its healing efforts towards the dysfunctional processes beneath the disease. We call these biodissonant patterns. Every disease, chronic and acute, has its origin, or perpetuating factor, in a biodissonant pattern. This means that every disease also has a correction at that level. TBM corrections act on these biodissonant patterns. This may or may not have an indirect influence on the actual disease process. But, it always improves well-being and better enables the client to function in their life.


In TBM we neither diagnose nor treat disease. As a result, practitioners of TBM do not need a license (MD, DC, ND, etc.) to practice. We recognize that certain circumstances warrant the treatment of disease. In these cases, referral to a licensed practitioner is appropriate. But, we find that the need to refer is less than expected. Experience shows us that tending to the biodissonant patterns generally has the desired outcomes.


Dr. Victor Frank often said, “Anything can cause anything and anything can cure anything.” This understanding reveals the need for a new approach to healthcare. Dr. Frank developed a method to navigate from symptoms and signs to ‘cause’ and ‘cure.’ He called the process Backward Thinking. Backward Thinking is used to detect which biodissonant patterns relate to a specific symptom or sign. Backward Thinking has similarities to the process of differential diagnosis. Both processes examine symptoms and signs. Both processes consider the physiology that relates to the clinical picture. At this point the similarity ends. The goal of differential diagnosis is to diagnose a disease. In turn, the diagnosis indicates the intervention. Essentially, one diagnosis equals one intervention. In contrast, Backward Thinking aims to first locate the biodissonance. Next the process detects the TBM techniques that will neutralize the biodissonance. The correction releases the pathophysiologic processes and the symptom or sign often resolves. Backward Thinking allows for the idea that anything can cause or cure anything to be applied effectively and efficiently.


Backward Thinking is a significant process in the development of a TBM practitioner. Those who learn this process take an important step toward mastery of TBM. Practitioners who Backward Think are able to quickly and efficiently address the needs of their clients. In fact, the resolution of 5 to 10 signs and symptoms is one 15-minute session becomes possible.


In the Pathophysiological intensive we teach how to recognize and correct biodissonances. We teach techniques for clients who have developed chronic, severe, disabling, or life-threatening pathophysiologic processes. Furthermore, we teach how to do all of this safely, quickly, and effectively.


Here are some of the contents of the Pathophysiological intensive:

  • Backward Thinking and advanced Menuing
  • Pathophysiological processes including:
  • Viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections
  • Degenerative conditions (e.g. lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue)
  • Immunologic breakdown (e.g. cancer, AIDS)
  • Neurodegeneration (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s)
  • Cardiovascular degenerative issues (e.g. erectile dysfunction, cardiac insufficiency, cardiac rhythmic abnormalities)
  • Toxic metals, medications, & environmental chemicals
  • Adverse vaccine sequela
  • Cholecystic, hepatic & renal lithiases (stones)
  • Non-restorative sleep
  • Medication-dependent diabetes
  • Fat-mass reduction toxicity

NOTES: This course contains information found in the PC (Module 3), MV (Module V), and PB (Module 4) Course Notes and 40th Anniversary Manuals. This course counts as a single-qualifying attendance towards PC and a partial attendance towards BP certification


The lineage of Western subtle-influence medicine.


In 1675 Sir Isaac Newton wrote to his fellow Royal Society member Robert Hooke, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” We all want to “see” further, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. The Profound Origins of Total Body Modification intensive is an immersion into the people and techniques upon which TBM “stands.”


In Buddhism, establishing a connection with a particular knowledge lineage is highly prized. They believe that doing so confers the blessings of those who have gone before. There are two Tibetan words that describe the process of establishing a connection. Byin-rlabs means “to be transformed through inspiring magnificence.” Jinlap means “an engulfing wave or flood of splendor and power.” It has been our experience that delving into the rich knowledge-lineage of TBM results in just that!


All too often humans abandon the “old” for the “new.” As healing technologies advance, newer techniques may be more efficient than previous ones. It makes sense to adopt these newer, more efficient techniques for general use. But it is a mistake to discard the previous techniques altogether. While new innovations may dramatically lessen their frequency, previous methods never become obsolete. Furthermore, these methods may be necessary for the healing of certain clients. Dr. Frank always encouraged his students to learn every technique they could. He’d say, “You never know when you will need them.” Dr. Kevin Millet has spent years studying healers and the techniques they contributed to our lineage. In the Profound Origins of Total Body Modification we present the best-of-the-best of these individuals and their work.


In Profound Origins of Total Body Modification intensive, we aim to open the door to mastery of TBM. We teach how to produce Harmonization and Program vials. We teach many older healing techniques from those in our lineage. We provide the background of how TBM came to be. Included is a tour of TBM’s vial production facility, museum, and library.


Here are the some of the contents of the Profound Origins of Total Body Modification intensive:

  • Franz Anton Mesmer’s Magnetic Healing
  • Marquis de Puységur’s Artificial Somnambulism
  • Abbe de Faria’s Lucid Sleep
  • James Braid’s Neurypnology or “hypnosis”
  • John Elliotson’s Magnetic Anesthesia
  • Albert Abrams Electronic Reactions of Abrams or “Radionics”
  • Emile Coué’s Conscious Autosuggestion
  • L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetic Reverie
  • Jose Silva’s Mind Control
  • Werner Erhard’s Integrity Tone Scale
  • Victor Frank’s Harmonization
  • Brian Bateman’s Remedy Drawing
  • TBM’s Program Vial Production
The Complete Vial Library contains all of the vials which are currently in TBM vial sets. If you purchased the SE1&2 and PC1&2 Starter Kits, along with the Emotional Complete Collection, when you purchased access to Pass 3 then you may deduct those vials from the library in the Vial Library Options above prior to adding this product to your cart. Here is a list of the vial sets included in this product:


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