Necklace Carrying Pouch


Necklace Carrying Pouch




In order to carry the Multi-polar magnet as close to the heart as possible we have created small pouch necklaces to carry them. These handmade pouches have the TBM logo sewn into them to increase the energetic effectiveness of the magnet and pouch combination. We recommend wearing one whenever spending time close to a computer, telephone, Bluetooth headphones, or any other electronic devices.

These pouches are also incredibly useful for harmonizations that require quite a few vials to be placed on the chest such as Morgellons, cellular immunity, humoral immunity, B-cell or T-cell harmonizations, crop protection chemicals, tobacco, DDS, medications session, and neurotransmitters session. We’d like to say Food & Beverage Additives as well, but the pouch is not THAT BIG! For Morgellons it would be worth getting a second pouch and storing them inside a pouch to utilize this set easily and efficiently.

NOTE: Product images show vials but VIALS NOT INCLUDED and the multipolar magnet shown is an additional option.

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