Environmental – Animals & Insects Vial Set

Environmental – Animals & Insects Vial Set


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Purchase the entire Environmental – Animals & Insects vial set and save $294.00 (66% savings!) off the individual vial price. Acquiring TBM vials within a set reduces the price to only $7.00 for each vial rather than the $21.00 cost when they are acquired individually. Save an additional 10% by purchasing this set as part of the Environmental Complete Collection.

Here are the 21 vials included in this Food & Beverage – Nut, Seed & Legume Set and links to their individual pages.

Angora Goat Mohair
Animal Epithelia
Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles reclusa)
Cockroach (Blattaria)
Dust Mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus)
Feather Mix
Fire Ants (Solenopsis)
Fleas (Siphonaptera)
Hair, Cat (Felis catus)
Hair, Dog (Canis lupus)
Hair, Hog (Suidae)
Hair, Horse (Equidae)
Hair, Human (Homo sapiens)
Hair, Rabbit (Leporidae)
Hair, Rat (Rattus)
House Fly (Musca domestica)
Insect Mix (Insecta)
Jellyfish (Medusozoa)
Snake (Serpentes) and Viper (Viperidae) Mix  
Tick, Australian Paralysis (Ixodes holocyclus)
Wool, sheep (Ovis aries)

ALL MICRO-BOTTLES IN THIS SHIPMENT CONTAIN ONLY WATER. NO CHEMICALS OR OTHER INGREDIENTS. LABELS DO NOT DESCRIBE CONTENTS VIALS SOLELY AID IN MIND-BODY DE-STRESSING. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. 1mL vial contains approximately 0.25mL of municipal water. Vial has been prepared using vintage devices, attuned by Total Body Modification (TBM) to express the vibrational equivalent of the named substance(s) and/or concept(s) & to contain healing vibrational patterns unique to TBM. Solely for use in subtle-influence healing sessions conducted by those trained in TBM in the evaluation & addressing of a client’s dysharmonies. Opening and/or replicating the vial neutralizes the radionic charge, rendering the vial useless in TBM sessions. Never open or attempt to replicate any TBM vial. No amount of any drug, pathogen, toxin, or other named substance(s) are contained within the vial. This product has not been evaluated by the United States Food & Drug Administration. This product is not suitable for, nor to be used in, the diagnosis and/or treatment of any disease.

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