PASS 1 – The Dynamics of Total Body Modification

PASS 1 – The Dynamics of Total Body Modification


A Succinct, Clear Overview Of The Original Basics of Total Body Modification By Our Founder Dr. Victor L. Frank




Pass One introduces the viewer to the following three items:
  1. A way of thinking that is exclusive to TBM.
  2. A set of basic tools from which the TBM system of healing is constructed, namely Neurosensory Testing (muscle-response testing/dowsing/biofeedback), Body Points, Harmonization vials, medical nutritional planning, Menuing,
  3. Victor L. Frank (1931-2010), co-founder of Total Body Modification (TBM)
Pass One – The Dynamics of Total Body Modification, and Pass Two – The Modules of Total Body Modification as well, is not intended to be sufficient preparation to begin practicing TBM. Rather, its aim is to prepare the student to be able to quickly assimilate and implement the material presented in Pass 3 – 40th Anniversary Curriculum of Total Body Modification which, upon completion, is sufficient preparation to begin practicing TBM.
Why not just jump to Pass Three, why invest the time and effort needed to learn the material contained in Passes One and Two?
First off, exposure to Dr. Frank and his way of thinking is essential. Passes One and Two contain the complete instructional recordings we have of Dr. Frank. Passes Three and Four were developed by his student, Dr. Kevin Millet, and recordings of Dr. Millet and his student Dr. Megan Choy.
Secondly, gaining exposure to the TBM way of thinking and the foundational tools of TBM prior to entering into the phase of learning where TBM is studied with the intent to immediately begin to practice using those tools within a TBM construct, dramatically increases the ease. Those who have studied Passes One and Two will find the material of Pass Three familiar, easy-to-learn, and be able quickly begin implementing with their existing clientele.


This is an eight minute video explanation of TBM. It offers a straight-forward explanation of TBM. It is a simple and direct presentation that is easily understood.  It was produced in late 1990s.
DYNAMICS OF TBM (AUDIO-ONLY) VIDEO (included with purchase)
This material, known as the Dynamics of Basic Exam Sequence, is the earliest recording we have of Dr. Victor L. Frank discussing TBM. It was recorded in 1986 and covers the Basics of TBM as they existed at that time. This TBM BASIC EXAM most closely mirrors today’s Basic Physiological and Structural Exams. The foundations of practicing TBM are covered like neurosensory testing, Energy Efficiency, Sugar Control Diet, the Categories, and dozens of Body Points are all included. Additionally the viewer will get glimpse into Dr. Frank’s thought process  and personality in the early years of TBM.
The material is broken into 8 sections for a total running time of just over 3 hours.
  1. Introduction to TBM – Patient History – X-ray Analysis – Gait Analysis (Walking Diagnosis) – Posture Analysis – Neurosensory Testing (Muscle Testing)  [20 min]
  2. Gluteus Medius (unilateral and bilateral) – Adductors (unilateral and bilateral) – Anterior Femur Head – Cardiac Low Back – TBM Spinal Corrections [24 min]
  3. Energy Efficiency (Sugar Metabolism) [40 min]
  4. Sugar Control Diet – Challenge Meal (Garbage Meal) [18 min]
  5. Categories – Ileo-cecal Valve – Valves of Houston – Parasites – Kidney and Kidney Stones – Liver – Gall Bladder – Gall Stones [25 min]
  6. Cannabis (Marijuana) – Benzodiazepines (Valium) – Heart – Hiatal Hernia – Thymus – Bronchi – Lung – Stomach – Pyloric Sphincter (Pyloric Spasm) – Pancreas – Spleen – Left Kidney – Sex I – Sore Throat
  7. Thyroid – Parathyroid – Parotids – Calcium – Tocopherol (Vitamin E) – Minerals – Pituitary – Pineal – Ocular Tension (Glaucoma) – Sex II – Triad of Fertility (Sterility) – Adrenals – Bladder – Reproductive Dysbiosis (Vaginal Infection) – Head of Pancreas – Thalamus / Hypothalamus – Colon – Small Intestine [22 min]
  8. Vision – Emotional Respiration (Asthma) – Periodic Mood Swings (PMS) – Blood Pressure Ratio – Temporal Bulge – CSF Tension (CSF Pressure) – Stroke Pentad – Buccinator – Jaw laterality – Bilateral Hamstrings – Inhalation Allergy – Tailwag [22 min]
DYNAMICS OF TBM MANUAL (password-protected, print-restricted digital version included with purchase, hard-copy version available)
This is a manual used during the 1980s in TBM, prior to the creation of a Module 1 and Module 2.  It is the manaul that was used at the time of the recording of the Module One CDs, formerly Dynamics of the Basic Exam, recorded by Dr. Victor L. Frank in 1986.  It is the most similar to our current Module One workbook, but has several Module Two and Three techniques, as well as illustrations for reproductive techniques that are no longer taught anywhere in the current TBM curriculum.  The illustrations, while simple, are excellent and provide further clarity  to performing many techniques.  It is great for all wanting to understand the origins of TBM and advance their own knowledge of the TBM system as a whole.


PASS ONE STARTER KIT (recommended add-on – savings of 15% over individual product purchases)

We recommend obtaining the PASS ONE Starter Kit along with this course. It is standardly a 10% discount over purhasing the items individually but is offered at a 15% discount when included with the PASS 1 – Dynamics of TBM course. it will provide the basic tools for you to begin practicing what you are learning right away. Should you choose to purchase you will be presented with two options. Option A is for all practitioners and Option B, which includes the C.A.T. (Chiropractic Adjusting Tool) and custom TBM Adjusting Tip, is for those licensed to adjust &/or manipulate the spine. See below for a description.

    Pass One Starter Kit Option A contents [*15% ($64.50) savings over purchasing them individually]

  • TBM Tool
  • Practitioner Wedges (3)
  • Thoracic Tool
  • Isolation Bands (50 – 20 large, 20 medium, 10 small)

**Pass One Starter Kit Option B contents [*15% ($110.25) savings over purchasing them individually]:

  • **Chiropractic Adjusting Tool (CAT)
  • TBM Adjusting (double) Tip
  • Practitioner Wedges (3)
  • Thoracic Tool
  • Isolation Bands (50 – 20 large, 20 medium, 10 small)

**NOTE: This item includes a CAT and is therefore sold only to those licensed to perform spinal adjustments [e.g. DC, ND (some jurisdictions), DO, MD].


  • Purchase of this product must be approved by TBM prior to video segments becoming available for viewing. This may result in a 1-2 business days delay. If you purchased at the reduced rate, email your documentation to [email protected] to expedite the approval. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Important! Use an up-to-date web browser and video plugin to view videos. Prior to viewing any video segment, be sure to update your web browser and video plugin with the most current version.
  • Dynamics of TBM Workbook (1980) is included.
  • We recommend adding a PA1&2 Starter Kit. This will help facilitate the learning and implementation of the material.


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