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Master Course

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Welcome to the portal into Total Body Modification’s Comprehensive Curriculum for becoming a Master Healer!

45 years in the making, the Comprehensive TBM Curriculum is a complete course in the art of healing covering nutrition, lifestyle, meditation, biofield medicine, bodywork, and most importantly, biocomputer reprogramming. Drawing from the rich heritage of Western subtle-influence medicine the curriculum contained herein presents the “greatest hits” allowing the student to learn tools that apply to nearly all healing demands consistently, economically, and safely. The courses are presented in four groups or “passes:” the Dynamics of TBM, the Modules of TBM, the 40th Anniversary Curriculum of TBM, and the Intensives of TBM. They begin with writings and recordings from the 1980s with our founder Dr. Victor L. Frank and cover the ensuing years right up to 2023 with our current director Dr. Kevin S. Millet.

We often get asked how one is to go about learning TBM. Our recommendation is to begin with Pass 1 and progress through Pass 4. If one were to approach this as a “full-time student” the curriculum could be completed within 6 months. This approach will quickly give you an overview of TBM in Pass 1 – The Dynamics with very little time investment and once again in Pass 2 – The Modules with only a little more investment. During Pass 2 the student may begin practice sessions with a friend, family member, or colleague and begin to get a feel for TBM in use.

Now with an introductory foundation established, the student is primed for the deep, technical dive of Pass 3 – 40th Anniversary. Throughout this course, application of the material is crucial in order to build upon the prior learning and begin to develop proficiency. Throughout Pass 3 the student will be able to begin applying TBM with an anticipation of effective results on test clients if applied as taught. This experience can begin upon completion of PA: Part 1  // Foundations of Healing: Physiological Reset & Autonomic Recovery (the first video series of Pass 3) and is crucial in preparation for Pass 4 – The Intensives.

Pass 4 – The Intensives, by offering a complete review of the 40th Anniversary curriculum, serve to solidify the students’ knowledge and prepare them for the demands of paying clients with diverse needs. Along with application pointers, the student will learn practice development, deeper appreciation for the history and context of TBM methods, and develop the capacity to create new techniques when the need arises. In other words, mastery of the material and practice will be within reach.

There are only two requirements to study TBM. First that you have a basic understanding of human physiology and anatomy (if you don’t please contact us and we’ll be happy to direct you on how to obtain that) and second that you are a career health professional or desire to become one. In other words, TBM is not for hobbyists but rather for those who are or are interested in becoming serious health professionals. For a further introduction we invite you to view the video below from Dr. Millet. It is approximately 45 minutes long and can be viewed as one complete video or, for your convenience, we have split it into 5 shorter segments found below.

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